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Loctite® is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions. With breakthrough technology, Loctite® provides solutions that are durable, strong and long lasting to unlock the limitless potential of man and machine. 

Loctite’s expansive portfolio includes:

    • Adhesives
    • Industrial Cleaners 
    • Industrial Coatings 
    • Industrial Lubricants 
    • Industrial Sealants 
    • Repair Material 
    • Surface Treatment Solutions 

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A retaining compound designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage due to shock and vibration.

  • Ideal for retaining pins in radiator assemblies, sleeves in pump housings and bearings in auto transmissions
  • High temperature resistance
  • DVGW approval (EN 751-1): NG-5146AR0622


High strength, methacrylate ester acrylic liquid designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts, particularly where low viscosity is required.

  • Low viscosity
  • Provides robust curing performance
  • Offers high temperature performance and oil tolerance
  • Cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in commercial and residential potable water systems not exceeding +82 °C
  • Tolerates minor surface contaminations from various oils

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Designed for bonding of plastics and elastomeric materials where very fast fixturing is required.

  • Bonds most plastics, elastomers & rubbers, including EPDM, NBR, SBR, & nitrile
  • Low viscosity
  • Very fast fixture speed


  • Lock against vibration and thermal expansion
  • Maintain clamp load
  • Seal against corrosion and leakage
  • Prevents galling & seizing – allowing for reliable disassembly
  • Reduce inventory costs – one bottle for all fastener shapes/sizes.

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