As a seasoned veteran with nearly four decades of experience in the industry, Troy Markland, the Product Manager for Power Transmission and Drive Systems at Motion, possesses a deep understanding of the dynamic world of mining. With an acute awareness of the unique needs and challenges faced by mining customers, Troy and his team at Motion are at the forefront of providing innovative solutions.

One of the key services they offer is the design of customised drive systems, specifically tailored for belt and pulley configurations used in slurry pumps.

Troy highlights the crucial role of drive systems in mining operations, particularly in powering pumps. V-belt pulley drives, which are a type of mechanical power transmission system that utilise v-belts and pulleys, are commonly employed in mining for driving pumps. Troy emphasises their criticality in various applications such as dewatering, slurry handling, and water supply.

Pumps play a vital role in numerous mining processes, including extraction, processing, and transportation of minerals and other materials, making reliable and efficient drive systems indispensable in the industry.

Troy explains, “Sometimes customers come to us with parameters, and Motion selects the appropriate drive accordingly. In other cases, customers may make their own selection, and Motion validates their choice.”

One of the key benefits for customers in this case is Motion’s high level of technical expertise in drive systems. Troy and his team possess extensive knowledge of these systems, allowing them to provide expert guidance and recommendations to customers. This ensures that the selected drive systems are precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of their operations, resulting in optimised performance and reliability.

Troy highlights, “Motion ensures that the selected drive system is cost-effective and utilises readily available spare parts for future replacements.”

This approach helps customers save on operational costs and achieve improved overall financial performance.

Troy and his team at Motion also prioritise practicality and reliability in their drive system designs for mining operations. They aim to create drive systems that are not only effective but also durable, with a typical target service life of around 25,000 hours. This is a noteworthy accomplishment considering the harsh conditions that mining operations often face, including high loads, extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture, which can impact the performance and longevity of drive systems.

Troy recalled a customer success story where Motion worked on a major project with a tight deadline, coordinating with manufacturers to produce and ship a specialist drive ahead of schedule.

“The customer was very pleased how quickly we got this sorted,” Troy recalls. He went on to explain that although this was an exceptional case, Motion’s ability to meet a tight deadline and deliver a month ahead of schedule was highly beneficial to the customer.

The customer faced penalties if they failed to meet their own delivery deadline, and Motion’s expedited process was greatly appreciated. Troy emphasised that this experience instilled confidence in Motion’s ability to deliver exceptional service to the customer.

Motion’s drive design services are tailored to meet the unique needs of mining customers, offering cost-effective, reliable, and practical solutions to power their pumps. With a wealth of expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Motion has a proven track record of success in delivering timely and efficient drive designs for the mining industry.

Troy encourages mining customers to place their trust in Motion for their industrial needs, knowing they will receive exceptional service and customised solutions that meet their requirements.

For mining customers seeking dependable and effective drive designs for their slurry pumps, Motion is the trusted partner with extensive experience in the industry. Contact Motion today for expert assistance with your drive system needs and benefit from their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.