Oil spillage can cause various environmental issues on and off land resulting in the killing of plant and animal life. If left unattended, oil spills will eventually migrate through the soil to the nearest water source, such as a sewer or river. Not to mention, it can also be extremely difficult to clean up.

Gulf Western Oil™ have developed an effective solution to combat this tricky substance which solves many of these problems.

Gulf Western™ Absorbent is manufactured in Australia from environmentally friendly and non-hazardous materials. 

This assists with the cleaning up of liquid spills, including strong acid or alkaline solutions, petroleum, hydrocarbons, oil solvents, grease, sewage, protein-based fluids and other potential pollutants.

This granulised product is easy to spread over large areas, absorbing approximately up to 75% of its own weight. Once fully absorbed, it leaves no residue and can be easily swept up using a dustpan and brush and disposed of thoughtfully. 

A fast clean up results in less stains to hard surfaces and stops fluids from flowing into nearby environments causing damage. 

Gulf Western™ Absorbent flouts simplicity, with easy instructions to get the desired result. 

Easy steps for use:

1. Cover the spill with the absorbent

2. Allow a few minutes to soak in

3. Agitate with a stiff object like a broom

4. Dispose of the used absorbent 

As concerns about the environment are already in mind due to oil’s hazardous properties, the environmentally friendly non-hazardous nature of this absorbent ensures no further damage is done.

Another benefit of this oil absorbent is its versatility with its ability to be used with a wide variety of liquids and chemicals.

To boast even further, this solution can also be used in a number of settings such as: mining sites, road works and infrastructure projects, spills on roads and accident sites, farming and food production, fish processing plants, in cellars assisting to remove dampness, workshops, hospitality, and industrial/domestic applications.

With many products, a lot of the product is needed to clean the mess which can result in more mess i.e., with materials such as cloths used for the initial clean-up. With this product, so little absorbent is needed to absorb the spill that the clean-up operation is simplified. 

This is evident with the fact each specifically sized granule can absorb up to 75% of its own weight in liquid and will not leach back the absorbed fluid. 

Key Features

• Non-toxic, non-hazardous, chemical free and environmentally friendly

• Will not leach back absorbed fluids

• High absorbency capacity

• Non-abrasive – will not harm machinery. Contains no quartz

• Absorbs vapours and toxic odours

• Absorbs immediately on contact

Oil Spillage Tips

• Assess the spill, and stop this from getting any worse if possible

• Use personal protective equipment such as gloves with spill kits

• Absorb the spill with Gulf Western™ Absorbent 

• Dispose of waste absorbent by placing into sealed bags

• Report all oil spills to management if at work

• Restock spill kits if needed

For more information on this solution for oil spillages from Gulf Western Oil™, contact Motion and speak with one of the team today. Regardless of circumstances, Motion will offer specialised support to help select the right solution for all customers.