There’s a reason Australian farmers choose Australian-made air seeder hoses – it’s because they’re built to last, says Jeff Mrak, Motion’s Marketing Manager for Customer Insights and Market Research. 

“Farmers prefer the quality of the Australian-made products. They want to avoid changing out their hoses regularly, and have hoses that last longer than a season,” explains Jeff. “In which case they will opt for products that are made for Australian conditions, such as drought-ridden areas and regions subject to extremes in temperature and so on.”

Which is why Motion is well-stocked and ready to go with locally-manufactured air seeder hoses this seeding season. 

“The hoses on an air seeder play a pivotal role in transferring product across primary and secondary lines, so you need a quality hose,” explains Russell Randal, Motion’s National Business Development Manager for Agriculture. “We have Australian-made air seeder hoses that have been tried and tested to work in Australian agricultural conditions. This means they are lightweight, UV-stablised and flexible so that they don’t get any kinks.”

Importantly, Russell points out that agricultural communities across Australia have access to these products through the Motion network of branches. 

“We’ve prepared for the upcoming season with stock of air seeder hoses. On the back of the last couple of years and issues with supply chain, we’ve anticipated the needs of the agricultural sector by pre-ordering extra stock,” says Russell. “We understand the importance of having locally-made hoses available for seeding season. And we have air seeder hoses in our distribution centre, ready to go to any part of Australia when customers call for them.”

Jeff further points out that there will likely be a lot of seeding activity in the autumn months.

“Based on the moisture map of Australia, we understand a lot of areas of land will be seeded in the coming period and we have product available to support that program because a lot of places are dry,” he expands. “We’ve had three good wet years – particularly on the eastern seaboard, but also in South Australia and Western Australia. So, in the context of that moisture map, the conditions are looking really good for agriculture over the next one to two years.”

Russell agrees but reiterates that farmers should always “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” As a leading supplier of all types of agricultural componentry, he adds that farmers can always rely on their local Motion branch for support.

“What our company has done as a whole has increased the volume of our orders and built on our relationships with local manufacturers and suppliers,” he says. “This enables us to overcome potential issues with supply. But of course, we always recommend to customers to have a chat with us about requirements so that we can better meet their individual needs.” 

Likewise, while the Australian agricultural market has a preference towards Australian-made product, Jeff notes that Motion’s global reach means farmers have access to a wide range of specialty parts for air seeders – including brands from Global supplier locations. 

“Farmers can always tap into our expert network for advice – as a company, we are truly invested in having solutions and expertise to service the agricultural community,” concludes Jeff. “We have a nationwide footprint of branches with an impressive amount of collective know-how.”