According to Tony Tormey, Category Manager of Industrial Bearings at Motion, sealed bearings can provide “up to 25% longer service life”. With many sealed spherical bearings on the market, Tony says choosing a bearing appropriate for each unique industry application is important. In the mining industry, a lot of it comes down to personal preference with the maintenance crew on site, but he says sealed spherical bearings typically provide a longer lifespan. 

Sealed spherical bearings are often used in mining equipment such as conveyor systems. They play a critical role in the mining industry by helping to ensure that heavy-duty machinery operates efficiently and reliably in demanding working conditions. 

“Bearings that are reliable in their applications makes a massive difference in a mine’s capability to prevent downtime from equipment breakdowns and failures,” Tony says. 

These bearings are typically used in applications where the equipment is subject to heavy loads, shock loads, and vibrations. In harsh environments, such as mines, the sealed design of these bearings helps to prevent the ingress of contaminants such as dirt, dust, and moisture, which can cause premature wear and damage to the bearings. 

“Bearings that operate in these environments need to be able to withstand all sorts of extreme working conditions, from extreme heat to increased load pressure, the bearings used need to be able to handle this,” Tony says. 

A leading manufacturer for bearings, NTN has been providing products to a wide range of industries for more than 100 years since their establishment in 1918. Through the 50/50 joint venture with Motion’s CBC– which began over 50 years ago in 1971 –customers in the mining segment can benefit from this relationship. 

“The benefits of the CBC-NTN joint venture relationship come down to access and consultation. Motion is the exclusive distributor of NTN bearings and has a direct line to the manufacturer,” explains Tony. “We have a network of account managers and technical experts that engage and support mines and minerals processing plants, they are always striving to improve performance and provide solutions to productivity issues.” 

“The NTN sealed spherical roller bearings also come with many benefits off the shelf,” says Tony. “They can increase the service life of equipment compared with standard bearings on the market. This benefit alone makes them a desirable choice for those who work in the mining industry.”  

“The NTN sealed spherical roller bearing has larger rollers and maximum number of rollers given, the industry’s highest load capacity and allowable rotational speed, and has unique removable seals from 140mm upwards with a unique grip structure to maintain pressure under misalignment, which is a big selling point,” Tony states. “The unique lip structure along with housing grease fill and housing seal gives you three barriers to combat against ingress. 

A key component of a successful mining operation is guaranteeing that heavy machinery operates efficiently and reliably under demanding conditions. By preventing the entry of contaminants, the incidence of wear and tear on the bearings in mining applications can be reduced. 

“With properly matched and fitted bearings, mechanical breakdowns will be reduced, which will mean an overall reduction in equipment downtime can be seen across the board,” Tony says. “The NTN sealed spherical bearings are one of the best choices for bearings in the market, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.” 

As an exclusive distributor of NTN bearings, Motion offers customers high-quality products and services. Their experts can assist in selecting the right product for specific needs and provide support throughout the entire product lifecycle. With an extensive network of branches across Australia, customers can easily access NTN products and services.  

“Customers can have peace of mind knowing they’ll receive the best possible product matched with industry tailored advice for each product or service they need to get their operation up and running again,” Tony says.    


  1. Improved contamination resistance: The seals on NTN sealed spherical roller bearings help to prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust, and water from entering the bearing – reducing the risk of premature failure due to contamination. 
  2. Longer lubricant life: Sealed spherical roller bearings retain lubricant more effectively than unsealed bearings, which can help to extend bearing life and reduce maintenance requirements. 
  3. Reduced maintenance costs: By reducing the risk of premature failure and extending lubricant life, NTN sealed spherical roller bearings can help to reduce maintenance costs over the life of the bearing. 
  4. Enhanced safety: Sealed spherical roller bearings can improve safety by reducing the risk of contamination-related failures and reducing the need for maintenance in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations. 
  5. Improved environmental performance: Sealed spherical roller bearings can help to prevent lubricant leakage and reduce the risk of environmental contamination, making them a more environmentally friendly option.