In the food and beverage and consumable goods packaging industry, chain applications are a common component of production lines. These applications are responsible for moving products along conveyor belts and through various stages of the packaging process. To keep these chains running smoothly, it’s essential to ensure that they are properly lubricated. This is where Alemlube’s Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS) comes in.

In manual lubrication, operators apply lubricant by hand, which can be time-consuming and labour-intensive and dangerous. Additionally, it’s challenging to apply the lubricant evenly and consistently across the desired contact points. Alemlube’s ALS is a game-changer in this regard, regularly distributing small quantities of grease lubricant to each lubrication point frequently. This guarantees hard working components are always perfectly lubricated, helping to reduce friction and wear on the chains. This will ultimately extend service life, reduce cost of ownership and improve the overall efficiency while reducing labour and increasing safety of the production line. 

ALS Features

• Latest engineering polymer materials

• Available in 2kg, 4kg 8kg and larger sizes depending on requirements

• Maximum high pressure of 280Bar (4,200psi)

• Reservoir low level alarm standard and other monitoring options available

Originally designed over a decade ago with a recent pump station upgrade, this boasts manufacturing from the latest engineering polymer materials. It’s lighter, stronger and more durable than ever. With its elimination of manual lubrication, no more time will be wasted on servicing grease points, improving work productivity.

Alemlube’s ALS is a highly versatile solution which makes it desirable addition to your mobile and fixed plant. As well as being used on food and beverage packaging chains, it can also be used on trucks, trailers, wheel loaders, excavators, mini skid steers, front, side and rear loaders, AG sprayers, hay bailers, waste recycling plants, conveyors and crushers, making it the perfect all-rounder.

As well as time saving factors, another benefit of using Alemlube’s ALS for chain applications is it helps to reduce maintenance costs. This ensures less money needs to be spent on maintenance and repairs, completely accelerating the potential profit margins of the user.

Alemlube’s ALS benefits

• Extended application lifespan and improving the efficiency of production line

• Improve the safety and quality of products

• Time saving due to elimination of manual lubrication

• Improve staff safety 

• Peace of mind that solution is providing trouble free operation

• Covered by 2-year warranty

Additionally, Alemlube’s ALS can help to improve the safety and quality of products. By ensuring that chains are always properly lubricated, there is less risk of product contamination due to wear and tear or other issues. This helps to prevent costly recalls and maintain consumer trust in the products being produced. 

These units can be engineered to many OEM manufacturers applications, this provides the user with the flexibility in selecting the lubricant of their choosing. By adding flexibility, users can rest assured that that they can apply their opted food safe lubricant of choice.

The value of Alemlube’s ALS to the food and beverage packaging industry speaks for itself. By automating the lubrication process, companies can ensure that chains are always properly lubricated, reducing the risk of breakdowns and other issues, and improving the efficiency of production lines.

The icing is the solution’s versatility to be used in multiple different industries, making it a must-have. For more information on how Alemlube’s solutions can lubricate business productivity, customers can contact their local Motion branch, or visit