The manufacturing industry is constantly in demand for greater efficiencies and higher outputs.  A common issue faced in the paper and board industry is the failure of printing machines. These machines, often working around the clock, need reliable power transmission to keep the application at its peak performance. Gears and bearings involved in the construct of a printing machine need proper lubrication to reduce friction and wear associated with the consistent use of these machines. 

With more than 100 years of experience in the lubrication industry, ITW Polymers & Fluids can provide specialised lubricants under the Rocol and Molybond brand names. No matter what application, ITW’s range of superior lubrication products, can reduce maintenance and replacement costs as a result of mechanical downtime in paper and board mills. 

ITW provides a comprehensive suite of products best suited for the needs of printing machines. 

In addition to their wide range of lubrication products, ITW Polymers & Fluids partnership with Motion, can offer cleaning chemicals for flushing ink lines and anilox rollers and to reduce maintenance costs by cleaning excess ink from the internals of printing machines. 

ITW Polymers & Fluids are committed to providing superior lubrication products and knowledge to suit the needs of Australian and New Zealand customers in the paper and board industry. As an exclusive distributor of ITW products, Motion can connect customers with the ITW team, to ensure each customer gets to the right person and finds the product best suited to their business’s needs.  


Molybond Industrial Gear Oils: 

Industrial gear oils suitable for gear boxes found in mining, mineral processing and manufacturing industries. 

  • High load carrying capacity – provides excellent lubrication to heavily loaded gear boxes.
  • Reduces friction and wear effectively. 
  • Provides lower running temperature and extended gear life to applications.
  • Meets the industrial requirements of industrial gear oils.


Rocol FOODLUBE Hi Power Oils: 

(Compressor, Hydraulic & Airline Fluids) 

A fully synthetic fluid, uniquely suitable for use in compressor, hydraulic and airline systems. 

  • Provides enhanced oxidation stability in compressors. 
  • In hydraulic systems, the fluid does not generate deposits, sludge and varnish.
  • Available in ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100. 
  • Hi-Power Oils have a temperature range of -20°C to 100°C.
  • Can be used in food manufacturing equipment, hydraulic systems, compressors and airline systems.


Rocol FOODLUBE Hi-Torque Gear Oils: 

A fully synthetic gearbox fluid for use in the food and other clean manufacturing industries.  

  • Contains the ROCOL Start Up Protection System – designed to protect gear teeth on start-up and provide protection during use. 
  • Available in ISO VG 150, 220, 320 and 460 grades. 
  • All are formulated using FDA ingredients and have a temperature range of -20°C to 150°C.
  • Can be used in all gear boxes, food manufacturing equipment, worm drive gears, conveyor drive gear boxes and clean industries.


Applied Blade Clean 

Specially formulated multi-purpose water-based ink cleaner for use in the printing industry. 

  • Contains a blend of wetting agents, builders and solvents formulated to ensure an efficient and thorough clean
  • Safe for use on all equipment, will not corrode blades or blister anilox rollers
  • Regular use eliminates build-up of ink in lines, rollers and trays


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