The paper and board industry demands high-performing bearings that can withstand the extreme conditions of the production process. Meet NTN’s ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings, which have been specifically designed to take this industry by storm.

Standard bearings may have a shorter service life, lower load capacity, and may not perform well in harsh operating conditions. However, according to Tony Tormey, Category Manager Industrial Bearings at Motion, NTN’s alternative offers various advantages.

He affirms that ULTAGE® can offer up to a quarter longer design life than other brands, providing a significant benefit to companies in the industry.

Additionally, Tony points out that the NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings have larger rollers and the highest load capacity in the industry. This makes them “an excellent choice for applications that require exceptional load-bearing capacity and extended service life.”

For gearbox applications, the spherical roller EA Series offers excellent performance and reliability. Tony highlights that they allow higher rotational speeds, which makes these bearings ideal for high-speed gearbox applications in the paper and board industry. The longer service life and higher load capacity of these bearings ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

In addition to gearbox applications, NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings also offer a solution for small conveyors. Tony also highlights that a greased for life series with special design seals to prevent contamination in the bearing environment is available.

NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings are designed to function efficiently in different difficult conditions, which is one of their notable characteristics. Tony emphasises that the bearings are equipped with seals that prevent the entry of unwanted substances in environments that are harsh and polluted. This feature is especially relevant to the paper and board industry, where dust, dirt, and other impurities are prevalent.

NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings offer a range of features and benefits for different applications in the paper and board industry. From their ability to handle high loads and speeds in gearbox applications to their support for small conveyors and high radial loads in the paper and board production process, these bearings have been engineered to provide exceptional performance and reliability. With their ability to operate in challenging environments, these bearings are a smart choice for any paper and board manufacturer looking to optimise their production process.

Key features of NTN ULTAGE® Spherical Roller Bearings

  • Longer design life: up to a quarter longer lifespan than other brands.
  • Highest load capacity: industry-leading capacity for exceptional performance under heavy loads.
  • Gearbox performance: ideal for high-speed gearbox applications in the paper and board industry.
  • Conveyor performance: greased for life series, special design seals prevent contamination in demanding environments.
  • Efficient load distribution: longer rollers reduce stress and wear for a longer service life.
  • Resilience in harsh environments: seals prevent the entry of unwanted substances.

Benefits of NTN ULTAGE® Spherical Roller Bearings

  • Enhanced productivity: minimise downtime, reduce maintenance, and optimise performance.
  • Reliable performance: withstand high loads, speeds, and challenging conditions.
  • Tailored solutions: customised options to meet specific industry needs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: longer lifespan and less frequent replacement.

Motion is the ideal partner when it comes to supplying high-performing bearings across various industries. With their expertise in industrial bearings and extensive range of products, including the NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings, they can provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. With Motion’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, customers can trust them to provide the best products and services to keep their operations running smoothly.