As climate change generates a greater risk of more frequent and extreme bushfire events, Motion – through its wholesale business arm Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) – has been preparing stock of high-quality domestic firefighting hose and reel kits.

According to Troy Giggins, Category Manager for Industrial Hoses, this provides customers with peace of mind, particularly during bushfire season.

“We’ve been supplying domestic firefighting hose kits and accessories to the Australian domestic market for over 20 years now,” he says. “We pride ourselves on keeping plenty in stock for bushfire seasons so customers can have peace of mind that we are prepared when it’s needed.”  

Troy understands the importance of having top-notch domestic firefighting hose kits and appliances available for customers in their time of need. The AIP products are typically used on large farms and in regional areas where customers need to protect their property or put out small fires. 

“We primarily support people on their farms who want to protect their property,” said Giggins. “These are people who have water sources on their property such as a dam or pool.”

Established in 1995, AIP is one of Australia’s largest national suppliers of industrial hoses, valves, fittings, and associated products. Now part of the Motion family, AIP can tap into additional expertise and extend its customer service offering, a point of difference that Troy says sets Motion apart from other suppliers.    

“We’re always ready to assist and support communities in times of crisis. For example, during the bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020, our staff worked around the clock to ensure that we could supply customers with products to assist in their time of need,” he explains. “That’s also the case when it’s bushfire season. It’s historically when we have our biggest months, and we will fly people into branches when needed.”

Additionally, Troy points out that it’s not just about having to keep stock of hoses and accessories for domestic firefighting use; it’s about having the right equipment for the job. And this includes products that are going to survive and perform in harsh Australian conditions.

“For example, the high impact polymer nozzles we use on the majority of our kits are manufactured in New Zealand and give great performance,” he stresses. “Because the last thing you want is a faulty spray nozzle when it’s time to fight a fire.”

Motion also supplies products that are ready to attach to customer firefighting pumps.

“This includes suction hoses to draw water from the customer’s water supplies. We also supply the nozzles and hose connectors. We can achieve all sorts of hose lengths and materials,” he says. “Ultimately, it’s up to the customer to decide what they want, but we can cover it all when it comes to a domestic use firefighting product. We can even have kits customised to suit particular requirements.”

Despite this ability to customise, Troy says the majority of Motion’s customers prefer many of the same product types. This helps Motion keep its stock up to date and prepare for any sudden changes in the market. 

“We can use brass or polypropylene fittings and attach them to a rubber or PVC hose,” he said. “Those hoses come in different lengths and with various spray nozzles. And again, we have the high-impact polymer nozzles designed for high performance.”

One of the domestic firefighting solutions available through Motion are the Powaflex kits. These come assembled and complete with a PVC hose, adjustable nozzle, strainer, brass nut and tails
and clamps.