The mining and processing industry heavily relies on electric motors to power essential equipment such as mills, hoists, crushers, and pumps. However, these motors are exposed to harsh and rugged working conditions, leading to frequent mechanical breakdowns and faults that cause costly downtime for mines which can negatively impact productivity and increase maintenance costs. 

To address the challenges, the mining and processing industry demands electric motors that are resilient and able to operate under rigorous working conditions. TECO, a world-renowned leader in electric motor technology, has been at the forefront of developing top-quality electric motors for more than 65 years globally and this year celebrating 40 years in Australia and New Zealand.  

Their expertise in this field has enabled them to create durable and reliable electric motors that can power essential equipment used in the mining and processing industry. These motors ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance, significantly reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs, which translates to maximum uptime, increased productivity, and profitability for mining companies. 

TECO Maxe3 mining motor is a durable and reliable electric motor designed to operate under the toughest mining environments.  It features a unique true grease relief system that prevents over-greasing, one of the most significant challenges faced by mining companies. This system significantly increases the motor’s lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.  

Additionally, the TECO Maxe3 mining range of motors can be modified to IECEx specification, making it suitable for use in potentially hazardous environments.  TECO’s commitment to safety is evident in their in-house modification centres certified to convert the Maxe3 motor to Ex e, Ex nA, and Ex tD, providing added flexibility and customization options. 

TECO Maxe3 mining motor is an outstanding choice for the mining and processing industry, offering unparalleled durability, reliability, and efficiency. Its advanced features and benefits make it an essential investment for any mining company seeking to enhance equipment performance and reliability while reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

TECO and Motion offer customers tailored and comprehensive solutions by combining their respective strengths. As a distributor, Motion provides TECO’s high-quality electric motors and drives to customers and offers expertise in various applications. TECO’s exceptional solutions technology and Motion’s industry expertise combine to deliver reliable and efficient solutions, along with exceptional value and service to their customers.  Together, TECO and Motion can provide innovative solutions that help customers achieve their goals.   

Key features & Benefits – Highlights for the Maxe3 mining motor: 

  • Reduce power transmission losses with our MAXe3 motors high-power factor and premium high efficiency. This combination results in superior system efficiency.
  • MAXe3 mining motors have a generous safety factor of 1.2 at an ambient temperature of 40 DegC
  • Class H insulation system as standard.
  • Oversized drive end shaft and bearings are offered on the “HX” motors for demanding applications.
  • The motors also feature TECO renowned true grease relief system, preventing grease from entering the motor even when over-greased.
  • All MAXe3 motors are rated IP66.Sintered bronze porous drain plugs are fitted as standard to all  foot and flange motors, thereby providing excellent protection against the ingress of dust and water.
  • MAXe3 motors can be modified locally to meet IECEx Ex e, Ex nA, Ex tD in TECO certified in-house modification centres around Australia.
  • TECO Australia has a robust stock holding of the MAXe3 range, up to 540kW, ensuring quick and easy availability.