Motion’s Engineering and Services Team assisted a paper mill with the installation of a large bearing that required precision installation. Daniel McEvoy, one of the reliability engineers at Motion, oversaw the bearing installation from start to finish and explained the work that was carried out every step of the way to give the customer a great result. 

Daniel explains, “The correct installation of a bearing is important to the reliability and prolonged life of the bearing and requires careful attention to detail. Not all bearings are installed correctly, and the consequences of an incorrect installation can be severe and catastrophic.” 

In this case, the bearing was a 240/710B.K30.MB.C3. The bearing’s dimensions where 710 mm x 1030 mm x 315 mm. Daniel explains, “This was a large bearing, and the customer needed it to be installed correctly to successfully continue with their operations and ensure the bearings reliability while in service. 

Daniel describes, “An improperly installed bearing can reduce the design life of the bearing and lead to premature failures which can cause severe damage to the machine and possibly secondary damage to other components, leading to costly repairs and prolonged downtime.”  

Moreover, it can affect the quality of the end product, which can impact the reputation of the company. There was also the added caveat of the bearing size in this case; therefore, for worker’s health and safety, proper installation of a bearing of this size is crucial. 

To ensure that the installation went smoothly, Daniel and his team conducted a series of factory checks and inspections. They checked the internal clearances of the bearing and inspected it for any possible issues prior to installation. “We also followed the manufacturer’s recommendations for mounting the bearing, taking it up slowly and doing checks at each step,” Daniel states. 

Daniel described that these steps had to be taken because this bearing was extremely expensive, therefore improper handling of this would have resulted in financial repercussions. He also outlined a written report was provided by the Motion Engineering and Services Team after the installation which can serve as documentation for the customer, providing them with confidence and assurance that the job was completed correctly.  

Daniel highlights, “In addition to installations, Motion Engineering and Services Team also provides predictive maintenance services such as vibration analysis and thermography.” These services help customers identify potential issues before they become major problems, allowing for proactive maintenance rather than reactive repairs. By doing this, customers are able to predict if issues will occur further down the line which could save them in the long run. 

Daniel also emphasises, “The proper maintenance of bearings is essential to ensure their longevity and the efficient functioning of machinery which the Motion Engineering  and Services Team can support with all the way.”   

This encompasses guidance on lubrication plays a crucial role in preventing premature wear and tear of the bearing. Daniel discusses that proper lubrication can reduce friction and heat, which can cause damage to the bearing and other components of the machine.  

Motion’s Engineering  and Services Team can provide guidance to customers on best practices for these activities, including advice on the type of lubricant to use, the frequency of lubrication, and the amount of lubricant to apply. 

As Daniel explains, “Part of my role as a reliability engineer is predictive maintenance and remediation work as well.” By providing technical advice and specialised installations, Motion’s Engineering and Services Team was able to help customers optimise their equipment in the best way possible. 

Motion’s Engineering and Services Team offer a range of services, including predictive maintenance, specialised installations, and technical advice to help businesses maximise their efficiency. Their expertise in various aspects of production can extend the lifespan of bearings and reduce the risk of expensive equipment breakdowns.  

If engineering expertise is required, Motion’s Engineering and Services Team are there to lend a helping hand. Their team of skilled reliability engineers are dedicated to delivering excellent results and can help you optimise customers machinery to ensure their operations run smoothly. Customers are advised to contact Motion to discover how they can help them reach their business objectives.