Throughout history, the manufacturing process of developing paper has seen many leaps and bounds. The first paper mill was established in Nuremberg, Germany in 1390, which caused a rapid change in the speed at which paper could be made1. Today, with advancements in industrial machines and technology, the process of making paper is highly efficient, keeping up with the demand for supply.

With any manufacturing industry, several issues are faced when it comes to the paper and board sector.

“In a standard paper mill, before paper reaches its final form, it undergoes various stages of production – as part of the stages, hose applications play various roles in the process, from the transportation of pulp and chemicals to water supply and discharge,” says James Browne-Kerr, Operations Manager for Hose Supplies Pacific.

Hose assemblies often operate in environments where heat and pressure are required to be considered and meet various chemicals that can be abrasive to the equipment, rapidly reducing the lifetime of an unsuitable hose assembly.

“In this industry, the use of metallic braided hoses is often favoured where heat or chemical resistance is required. Selecting a suitable hose helps prevent any unwanted damage, keeping the equipment fully functional for longer periods of time,” says James.

Hose Supplies Pacific, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of engineered hose assemblies, provides specialty flow line products and services to their customer base throughout Australia.

“From a wide range of heavy industrial hose assemblies and expansion joints, Hose Supplies Pacific has customers covered with any requirement, and on top of this, we offer technical on-site services, asset management and specialty procurement – so we really are a one-stop-shop for our customers,” says James.

What sets Hose Supplies Pacific apart from the competition, is their highly trained team of engineering experts that can offer a range of products and services, tailoring to the needs of their customers.

“We are an industry experienced team that can offer engineering advice with the design, fabrication, testing and supply of engineered flexible assemblies,” says James.

“We also have a team of experienced welders who are all trade qualified and certified to ASME IX standards, ensuring the best quality fabrication is delivered through to our clients.”


Leaders in complete Hose Management and Technical Services

Testing and Certification: Complete hose testing and certification service to meet strict and specific industry requirements from hydrostatic testing to failure analysis.

  • Site Services:

Offer a range of specialist services including site welding & fabrication, testing and certification, product repairs and replacements, turnkey installations, and site container workshops.

  • Hose Fabrication:

A variety of different hose fabrications on offer with the inclusion of complete design and custom-built hose assembly services.

  • Welding and Engineering:

Highly skilled and certified technicians that can help with fabrication and engineering requirements.

  • EXARO Hose Management:

This system is an industry leading asset management system that can help track and maximise the life expectancy of hose assets. Acting as a preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of downtime and increased operator safety.

  • CAD Drawing Services:

Technical drawing team can provide you concept drawings or a full set of working drawings to ensure the right product is designed and fabricated on time.


Hose Supplies Pacific was acquired by Motion in October 2022 which allowed for further access to products around the globe and widened Motions specialty product offering to many industries currently serviced by Motion.

“We align ourselves with world leading manufactures to ensure the highest levels of product quality and performance are sourced and delivered,” says James.

“We aim to provide our clients with a complete end-to-end solution and have a long history of being leaders in complete hose management & technical services.”

For more information on the variety of solutions and services offered by Hose Supplies Pacific, visit your local Motion branch today.