It is said, the concept of using winches to move large and heavy objects dates to ancient Greece, 5th century BC. The Greeks used winches and pulleys to construct their temples, theatres, and other world-renowned structures, famously known all around the world1. The principles behind the technology manifested through refinements and improvements over the centuries, leading to the advanced equipment that is used in various manufacturing industries today.

In the paper and board industry, winches, levers, and chain blocks are used for a variety of different purposes including, moving raw materials, maintenance and repair, and waste removal. These critical tools come with several industry pain points, that can lead to downtime and costly replacement.

Titan Lifting, a leader in precision lifting equipment, has been providing Australians with a variety of different types of lifting solutions; however, they are not limited to just the paper and board industry. With more than 45 years of experience in this sector, Titan Lifting takes pride in their products that meet not only the required Australian standards, but their own rigorous set of requirements.

For lifting equipment that meets the demands of the paper and board sectors, Titan Lifting offers several products that can cater to a variety of different needs.


Titan TCB Chain Block Features and Benefits:

• High strength steel frame and gear case – durable for rugged needs of construction and maintenance rigging.

• Spur gear efficiency – reduces operator effort.

• Equipped with wide throat top and bottom drop forged hooks – designed to warn off overloads.

• Load chain is alloy steel special graded material in accordance with both European and Australian Standards.

• Overload protection system is available with or without cast safety latches.

• Complies with AS/NZ1418 standards.


Titan TLH Lever Hoist Features and Benefits:

• High strength steel construction – ideal for maintenance rigging.

• 360-degree handle rotation with short stroke ratchet loads.

• Equipped with wide throat top and bottom drop forged hooks.

• Caged needle roller bearings on load sheaves.

• Cast safety latches.

• Special surface treatment of spare parts.


Electric Builders Hoist (Wireless) Features and Benefits:

• Electromagnetic and Mechanical brake which provides instant and safe braking.

• Equipped with a high quality JUUKO Wireless Remote Control, with 50metre radius

• Additional UP/DOWN buttons on side of hoist body

• Wireless Remote Control, Handheld Pendant & UP/DOWN buttons

• Single Phase 240v Power Source

• Fitted with 30 metre wire rope

• Lifting Height 29mtrs

• Duty Cycle 15mins per 60mins

• Wire Rope Construction: 7×19 G1470

• Power Cable Length: 5mtrs


Titan Load Brake Winches Features and Benefits:

• Compact Design

• Suits a wide range of pulling and lifting purposes in the paper and board sector

• Use in vertical or horizontal position wall or floor mounted – making it versatile in its use.

• Load brake automatically suspends the load when handle winding ceases.

• Complies with AS 1418.2.


Titan Lifting and Motion work in tandem to provide industry-leading solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of customers. As a distributor, Motion offers high-quality products from Titan Lifting to clients, while also providing technical expertise for various applications. Regardless of whether customers require a customised solution or a reliable and efficient product, Titan Lifting and Motion provide exceptional service and value. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, they can offer innovative solutions that help customers achieve their goals.

For more information on Titan Liftings range of products, visit your local Motion branch today.