Safety in lifting operations is of paramount importance when seeking out quality lifting technologies, discusses John Di Michele, General Manager of Titan Lifting. Accidents can easily occur when operating heavy machinery, which is why Titan Lifting are leading the way with their safety conscious products.

Titan Lifting has been designing and developing precision hoisting and lifting equipment for over 45 years, becoming a globally recognised supplier for industries like rigging, mining, shipping, construction, and transport – providing premium quality products and expert guidance and support to many well-known companies within these sectors.

The Titan products are manufactured to all relevant Australian standards, prioritising safety factors in the design of their products despite being price competitive. Titan products undergo a stringent quality assurance process which aims to ensure they withstand the fatigue and durability required, and perform correctly in a safe manner, says John. 

To assist in avoiding any unsafe practices such overloading, Titan products with Overload Protection will minimise this from happening. This is often due to human error because of inadequate trained personnel and can also occur if products don’t have the safety mechanisms in place to prevent this.

Titan has products that possess various safety features to give the user added reassurance that these injuries are minimised. The NXTGEN ™ and Titan Overload Protection Hoists for instance have a built-in cut out mechanism, to avoid the overloading of hoists. 

When activated, factory-set overload protection will not allow the chain block to operate if overloaded. John states that this is a far superior fused brake system to other similar hoists and highlights the locking system as an extremely important safety feature that makes this range really stand out. 

These types of equipment also boast heavy duty cast hook safety latches, preventing components from slipping out of the hook. This significantly mitigates risk of injury.

The NXTGEN™ models in particular have impact resistant brake and gear covers to protect against dust and water ingress, providing greater durability and safety. John discusses that operating these hoists demands less effort when lifting heavy loads, which in turn can increase safety because workers will be able to operate this machinery more easily. “Considerable thought has been put into each component of these hoists to tick every box.”

Titan Lifting not only offer products that are rigorously tested, but also offer after sales support and a lifting hotline to ensure all customers feel as confident as possible when manoeuvring these products.

Titan Lifting Technologies works with Motion as a strategic partner and supplier to provide ongoing support, training and consultation. All products are covered with warranties, and comprehensively tested to ensure their quality and reliability. Motion also works in collaboration with the company to ensure products are tailored to each customer’s requirements. 

NXTGEN™ Features

• Overload protection

• Heavy duty cast hook safety latches

• Impact resistant gear cover

• Compact design, small body, low headroom

• Dacromet coated parts, zinc plated fixings for corrosion resistance 

• Manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS1418.2