When it comes to bearing replacement, mining professionals require a solution that allows for swift and efficient replacement, without the need for extensive disassembly, so they can quickly get back to their critical tasks. Schaeffler’s split bearings, offers a reliable and convenient solution for in situ replacement. 

Tony Tormey, Motion’s Category Manager for Industrial Bearings, and Michael Greelish, Motion’s National Business Development, explain the key advantages of using Schaeffler split bearings. 

According to Michael, in many cases, traditional bearings can be challenging to replace due to being entrapped. However, Schaeffler’s split bearings are designed to be split all the way through to the shaft.  

This means that when replacing a bearing, the old bearing can be blasted off and replaced with a split bearing, without needing to remove the gearbox or use cranes or other equipment. The process of changing a split bearing is quick and convenient, making it a highly efficient solution for bearing replacement in the mining industry. 

He further emphasises that while traditional bearing replacements can take several hours or even days, a split bearing change can be completed in as little as an hour depending on size. 

Tony highlights, “If you have a gearbox that drives something, generally you’ll have a coupling, and bearing housing to support a shaft. Also, these things can be quite large making it much more difficult to replace.” 

Therefore, the ease of installation and replacement of Schaeffler’s split bearings greatly addresses the aforementioned points, allowing mining operations to change out in situ and resume production far quicker than changing a standard configuration out. 

In addition, Michael highlights the cost savings associated with avoiding the need for specialised equipment like cranes in split bearing replacements.  

He explains, “If there’s a failure on a bearing, it’s a massive job because they’ve got to remove that whole gearbox. Getting cranes and scaffolding is a long process just to be able to pull off a bearing that’s probably worth a couple of hundred dollars.” 

Michael and Tony collectively summarise that with split bearings, the need for cranes and the labour-intensive process of removing multiple components can be eliminated, resulting in potential cost savings in terms of crane rental, labour, and equipment downtime. 

One standout in Schaeffler’s split bearings range is the FAG Split Spherical Roller Bearings, which provide high load capacity and shock load resistance, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.  

These bearings generally are able to fit into existing standard plummer blocks. 

Additionally, Schaeffler’s split design of these bearings reduces the risk of damaging other components during installation or removal, helping to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs, as explained by the experts at Motion. 

The collaboration between Schaeffler and Motion brings together Schaeffler’s expertise in bearing technology and Motion’s extensive knowledge in industrial applications, resulting in a comprehensive offering of split bearings tailored to the unique requirements of the mining sector. 

This synergy results in an enhanced customer experience, provides mining operations with reliable and efficient split bearing solutions that deliver exceptional performance and value.  

Tony and Michael encourage customers to contact Motion for expert advice and access to top-quality split bearing solutions for their mining applications.