Good ventilation is paramount to industrial workspaces, and often the opening of windows allows for fresh air to circulate. However, certain circumstances don’t allow for this, especially in factories and warehouses.

If adequate ventilation is not provided in the workplace, then this can increase health and safety risks for employees which can be detrimental to business. According to SafeWork NSW, air quality can have a major impact on employee productivity, with further research suggesting that adequate ventilation can boost productivity by at least 25%.1-3

Health is also a factor, with exposure to polluted air for prolonged periods of time increasing the likelihood of contaminants entering the bloodstream, often leading to headaches, allergies, and the spreading of common colds and airborne diseases.

The process of ventilation, however, significantly mitigates the chances of these risks. This removes stale, dirty and stagnant air from a specified space while introducing fresh air, generally coming from outside the establishment. In the specified situations where natural ventilation cannot be provided, ventilation equipment can effectively address these issues.

Fanmaster’s industrial air filtration systems take care of any risky contaminants circulating around the workspace, safely eradicating them to create a cleaner and healthier place to work. These can be particularly useful in spray painting booths, welding, or anywhere where there’s an issue with fumes and removing stale air.

Particular products that can act as an effective solution for poor ventilation are part of Fanmaster’s extraction range. They are specially designed to address issues caused by welding fumes in particular.

Here is some of the benefits of top-tier ventilation equipment from Fanmaster:

Clean Air – Often the air indoors is far dirtier than outdoors where there are pollutants, bacteria, damp, and unpleasant odours. Therefore, a quality ventilation system can abolish these issues.

Condensation Control – Condensation can cause mould and rot, with the potential to develop respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Having effective ventilation systems helps lower the risk of this occurring.

Temperature Control – When many people are crammed into a small area, the atmosphere can rapidly become stifling and warm. The use of good ventilation equipment will improve the atmosphere and promote greater productivity.

Cost Efficiency – Investment in a quality air filtration system will save money in the long run. There will be a reduction of maintenance costs in the workplace which enhances equipment durability, ultimately reducing energy costs.

Peace of Mind – A quality air filtration system will ensure the above factors are addressed, ensuring businesses are in the best possible position to promote good health and productivity in the workplace.

Overall, a top-tier air filtration system can make a significant impact on the collective health of employees and also contribute to the productivity of an industrial business. As part of Motion’s commitment to providing the best-in-class solutions to industrial business customers, the Fanmaster product range is available throughout the Australian Motion branch network. 

Readers are encouraged to contact their local branch for more information about the extensive range of Fanmaster products and what solutions might work for their specific requirements and applications.