Timken’s unitised bearings SRB solid block have made a significant impact in the mining industry due to their unique design and various benefits,” says Tony Tormey, Motion’s Category Manager for Industrial Bearings. He explains why they are significantly better than conventional bearings. 

“In the mining industry, equipment downtime can be both costly and time-consuming. Traditional bearings require frequent maintenance, such as lubrication and adjustment, to ensure they function correctly.” 

To address some of these industry issues, Tony proposes unitised bearings as an alternative. 

“These are pre-assembled bearing units that consist of a housing, bearing, and seal. The unitised design makes installation and maintenance easy, as the entire assembly can be replaced as a single unit,” Tony discusses. 

He emphasises that one of the key benefits of Timken’s unitised bearings is their “robust design for harsh and demanding applications.” According to Tony, “Strength is what this bearing type is known for. It has a virtually indestructible steel housing compared to most competitors who have cast iron alternatives.” 

Firstly, steel is a stronger and more durable material, making it better equipped to handle the demanding conditions that are common in mining applications. Steel is also a more corrosion-resistant material, making it better suited to withstand exposure to water and other corrosive substances commonly found in mining environments. 

In addition to their durability and ease of installation, Tony highlights that “unitised bearings can also help to improve safety in the mining industry. Traditional bearings require regular maintenance, which often involves workers accessing the equipment to perform the necessary tasks.”  

This can be dangerous in a mining environment, where heavy machinery and hazardous conditions are common. Unitised bearings require less maintenance and can help reduce the need for workers to access the equipment, which can improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents. 

Tony highlights, “Timken’s unitised bearings are beneficial in relation to contamination in the mining industry because they are designed with advanced sealing and protection features to prevent contamination from dirt, dust, and other harmful particles.”  

He continues, “Timken’s unitised bearings are equipped with advanced sealing technology that helps to keep contaminants out, reducing the risk of premature failure and extending the service life of the bearing.” 

Timken is a renowned bearing manufacturer, known for producing high-quality unitised bearings. With over a century of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable supplier of durable, high-performance bearings that are easy to install. Timken’s unitised bearings come in various designs, such as ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings, making them suitable for various industrial applications. 

For more information about Timken’s unitised bearings and how they can benefit mining operations, customers are encouraged to contact Motion. As a trusted supplier of high-quality bearings and according to Tony, “A long-standing partner of Timken, Motion can provide expert guidance and support to help customers choose the right unitised bearings for their specific needs.”   


Benefits of Timken’s Unitised Bearings 

  • Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Provides reliable performance under extreme conditions
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increases equipment uptime and productivity
  • Offers long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear
  • Offers a range of unitised bearing designs to meet different application needs