As the construction industry moves and grows, so does the need for highly specialised and dedicated service teams. Since 2007, Rotary Kiln Services has been offering world standard construction, commissioning, and maintenance to ensure full and productive asset lifecycle.

Owner Mark Whittaker says that as the industry is constantly changing, it is important to keep up with the latest advancements. “As a leader in the industry, Kiln Services has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the industry. We are committed to providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations.”

While Australia’s cement industry is relatively small, Rotary Kiln Services has found a market across the broader Asia Pacific region and in adjacent sectors such as mineral processing, pulp and paper, and steel manufacturing. 

“We can supply parts, survey, and undertake mechanical and structural repairs when rotary machines become damaged and worn,” says Mark. “In Australia, we are in every major cement plant providing this expertise. Our biggest advantage is that we can deliver our major structural works within an unmatched timeframe.”

Mark explains that generating a tight-knit company culture is a key factor in ensuring things run smoothly, especially when working to tight deadlines and rapidly changing circumstances. “We have a reputation for treating our employees well. Because of this they are very loyal, and we make sure they feel valued and like part of the family.” 

In perfecting their own designs, Kiln Services looks to Motion Australia for industrial grade and durable parts. Collating substantial inventory of bearings, driveline products, chain, and fluid power componentry for a heavy project load requires a close partnership with their local branch in Cairns. The complexity of developing large rotating machinery requires a particular technical insight – one which Motion Australia is able to provide on a consistent basis. 

Kiln Services has recently developed a specialised, platformed grinding machine to assist in balancing kiln rotation, and Mark stresses the importance of working alongside Motion Australia on developing these designs, “We designed that from scratch and fabricated it in our Cairns facility. A lot of the mechanical parts are sourced through Motion Australia, and we are incredibly pleased with the quality.”

Functioning at a base line standard of ‘Zero Harm,’ Mark outlines that comprehensive safety is essential to deliver quality and long-term servicing across multiple clients.

“We are always on top of spatial awareness during simultaneous operations. We have an established track record of completing capital repairs and new projects on time and within budget. The quality of the service delivered in the past is fundamental to our success and in ensuring customers continue to get the best possible level of service into the future.”