Established in 1936, Bambach Wires and Cables is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of premium quality electrical cables. Servicing several industries across wastewater, marine projects, switchboard, and infrastructure development, they are currently working to increase their overall manufacturing capacity from 30 to 250 tonnes of finished goods per month.

This expansion has been made possible by the formation of a new facility in Rosedale, Victoria, acquired through a company merge with Advance Cables under Energy Technologies Limited in 2019. Over their many decades of operation, Bambach has evolved from a humble factory into a major supplier of cable technology to over fourteen Australian sectors.

Able to manufacture cables as small as 22mm² and as large as 300mm², the team is constantly seeking to acquire new machinery and improve their capabilities across multiple sites. Over the last five years, a major focus has been gearing towards a target of 50-150 per cent increase in line speed along the manufacturing process. 

“Not only have we grown our capacity through a new factory and equipment, but our new facility in Rosedale sits on 127 acres. So, if our business grows, we will not have issues in terms of space,” says Nicole Paola, Bambach’s Marketing Manager.

Currently operating with a team of 44 employees at the Rosedale factory, Bambach has a strong focus on driving innovation in cable design. Their highly skilled technical team regularly consult with industry bodies to ensure that all current projects are in line with the needs of the Australian market.

“Our sales team always have customers’ best interests at heart,” says Nicole. “We are always encouraging our production planners and technical team to achieve the best possible outcomes and endeavour to operate in a timely manner. Some members of our sales team have been in the industry for almost 30 years, so customers can rely on their extensive industry knowledge.” 

According to Nicole, being able to consistently deliver large consignments of trusted stock relies on their commitment to sourcing Australian-made components. Their relationship with Motion Australia ensures shorter lead times, ongoing communication about the needs of the business, and a necessary level of trust in the quality of product. 

“At Bambach, we have been supporting local businesses since 1936. We source much of our factory consumables, packaging, and warehouse supplies through Motion Australia, and support local printing and apparel companies for our catalogues and promotional materials. We are proud to say that we have an average of 90 per cent local componentry across our range of electrical cables.”