Over the last two years, ocean freight and worldwide transport systems have experienced significant delays, impacting almost every industrial sector across Australia. More than ever, the importance of keeping perishable cargo in a controlled and safe environment while in transit has come to the front of everyone’s attention.

Avcatech is a leading developer of the latest cargo monitoring technologies. They currently offer two major products, designed to work separately or in tandem as a complex perishable goods protection and data analysis system.

“Avcatech was formed in 2020 from an ownership restructure of Maxtend – a pioneer in providing controlled atmosphere services to all major shipping lines and global exporters,” explains Steve Tenni, Avcatech’s National Sales Manager. “Prior to this, the Maxtend team had built up a widely trusted brand across many countries for the last twenty years.”

Both Avcatech’s atmosphere control apparatus and data technology are designed, engineered, and manufactured within Australia. Their tools assist in extending the storage life of perishable cargo, enabling safer transport over long distances.

“We are pioneers of next gen product,” says Steve. “The key feature of Maxtend is that it is retrofitted to existing refrigerated containers, so it can be installed anywhere and then taken out at the end of the journey. It controls the atmosphere and keeps the produce in a suspended state by slowing down the respiration rate to delay ripening.”

Avcacheck is a customised cargo monitoring service which uses a series of specialised sensors, patented modems, and customised interface for international cargo tracking. Functioning on real-time data, Avcacheck employs a web interface to closely monitor factors such as temperature, humidity, and location of consignments. 

These advanced technologies are developed in-house, with the help of various materials sourced through Motion Australia. According to Steve, dealing with perishable goods requires elevated precision, which can only occur by working with quality supply partners. “We are incredibly happy with the reliability Motion provides. It is all first class, and it needs to be because if something were to go wrong there would be large repercussions in the work that we do.” 

Responding to the freight crisis caused by the pandemic, Avcatech has played a vital role in maintaining the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain. “One of our features is worldwide tracking. You can see a vessel, live, anywhere around the globe whether it is on land or at sea.”

Avcatech is focused on continuing to develop future-oriented technologies for our globalised world. International trade and export are major players in Australia’s economy, and Avcatech is serious about their role in the bigger picture.