Though industrial lubricants are widely recognised as essential for optimising and maintaining industrial equipment, hydraulic oils – also known as hydraulic fluids – differ from other types of lubrication by serving multiple functions on hydraulic applications. 

Multi-functional by design 

The distinction between a standard oil lubricant and a hydraulic oil is that beyond the basic function of providing lubrication and protection for componentry against the ingress of contaminants and corrosion; hydraulic oils also serve as a medium for power transmission. 

Much like an electrical cable, hydraulic oil transfers power from the hydraulic pump motor to the hydraulic ram via a control valve. The hydraulic oil has a multi-faceted role to transfer the power, cool, seal and lubricant the systems components to ensure reliable operation of drivetrains and hydraulic systems. Transfer of heat and expelling entrapped air are a major function of hydraulic lubricants. 

In essence, a good quality hydraulic oil will fulfill all these purposes and functions to effectively optimise the performance of a hydraulic system. Take it a step further and an exceptional quality hydraulic oil should improve the efficiency and ultimately, extend the life of equipment. 

The Gulf Western Oil point of difference 

Since 1988, GWO has been developing lubricants, greases and hydraulic oils that are tailored specifically to the needs of Australian industry. From humble beginnings in Penrith, New South Wales, Peter Vicary and sons have made a name for themselves as the lubricant aficionados behind the family-owned and operated Great Western Oil (GWO). 

A quintessentially Australian operation with a state-of-the-art blending facility, GWO has developed some of the most advanced hydraulic oil formulas available to the industrial market. And as premium supplier to Motion Australia, GWO’s reach is as substantial as their deep knowledge of blending and formulating hydraulic oils, greases and lubricants that truly ‘go the distance’ for Australian industry. 

One example is GWO’s SUPERDRAULIC anti-wear hydraulic oil range. Formulated from advanced Zinc Dithiophosphate additive technology, SUPERDRAULIC products have the ability to maintain perfect thermal stability and resist liquid and air contaminants through their foaming and demulsifying properties which prevent cavitation and oxidation. These qualities make the GWO SUPERDRAULIC hydraulic oils ideal for a wide variety of applications that are prone to high-heat and humid operating conditions.

SUPERDRAULIC Hydraulic Oils have also been attributed to: 

• Improved hydraulic performance and decreased downtime on equipment

• Extended equipment life and longer fluid life

• Superior protection against wear and corrosion

• Excellent filterability –even when contaminated – thereby preventing filter blockages

• Cost savings due to fewer filter replacements

• Enhanced low frictional characteristics to prevent the occurrence of “stick slip”

Due to its superior quality performance in application, GWO’s SUPERDRAULIC range has consistently attained a high approval rating from OEMs and its success can be attributed to the company’s extensive work developing superior quality hydraulic formulas that outperform the competition every time.

GWO SUPERDRAULIC Hydraulic Oils: Key features and benefits

• Superior protection against wear

• Excellent filterability 

• Excellent seal and paint compatibility 

• API (American Petroleum Institute) licensed

• ISO 9001 quality assured

• Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100