Proper ventilation in an industrial manufacturing environment is a critical factor to the health and safety of the workers and the quality of the final product, according to BSC Product Manager David Malthouse. 

“Industrial facilities have a lot of airborne particles such as dust, dirt, and vapours from the chemicals being used in the manufacturing process,” says David. “These can pose a significant health risk and should be considered as a hazard in the workplace.” 

Being a major supplier to industrial manufacturing segment, BSC is well positioned for demonstrating and facilitating the implementation of proper ventilation on site to plant managers. “The technical team at BSC regularly make site visits, in order to assess and make recommendations on how to improve the overall quality of the air in manufacturing plants,” says David. 

“Automotive and mobile equipment parts manufacturing facilities, smelters and  refineries, and even food processing plants each need to mitigate the risks of toxic air contamination,” he elaborates, “The best way to do this is by installing a good quality extraction fan system that will draw out contaminants and cycle in cleaner air.”

David frequently sources extraction systems from Fanmaster and considers them to be his preferred choice. “Fanmaster extraction systems are specially designed to fit the purpose of ventilating industrial scale operations and their engineered systems have delivered excellent results for customers,” David enthuses. 

Australian family-owned and operated business, Fanmaster has been operating for over 21 years and has extensive knowledge of ventilation and extraction as an importer and manufacturer of heating, cooling, ventilation, and extraction equipment. 

Troy Lopez, General Manager at Fanmaster, explains how BSC has been helpful as a distributor in engaging more customers. “The BSC network and market reach is amazing,” says Troy. “The strength of their communication channels and adept ability to really listen to suppliers has shown us that they really view our working relationship as a partnership.” 

Fanmaster offers a range of extraction system to suit industrial applications, available with different types of airflow and extraction methods such as axial flow fans, wall exhaust units and roof exhaust fans. 

According to Troy, Fanmaster offers several types of industrial extraction fans ranging from Filtering Systems, Portable Ventilators to Fixed Ventilation Systems. 

Filtering Systems

Fume Extraction Units use HEPA filters that capture very close to 100% of particulate matter down to 3 microns in size. These systems make it easy for workshop managers to meet Safe Work guidelines for industrial processes. As these units are portable and can be moved for local area ventilation at the source.

Air Scrubber Purifier Systems use a two-stage filtration process to remove contaminants. Ideal for the removal of dust and for drying out areas after wet weather, these units can eliminate odours and prevent mould spores from spreading.

Portable ventilators

Depending on the application, an extraction fan may need to be mobile to the source of a process. 

Compact Air Blasters can be used for dust and fume extraction as well as delivery of fresh air to confined spaces.

Purging fans with ducting are suitable for harsh conditions as heavy duty compact units used for extraction and renewing air supply. These go hand-in-hand with Portable Exhaust Blowers which extract toxic fumes and replenish fresh air supply.

In heavy industry such as mining and tunnelling, Mobile Mancoolers are compact units that can improve the comfort of confined workspaces by removing contaminants and cooling down the workers. 

Fixed ventilation systems

Unlike portable ventilators that can be moved from one location to another, fixed ventilation systems are installed in place in the workshop or factory. 

Axial Flow Fans are extractor fans bolted onto existing ducting and are sized to fit the ducts, while Industrial Wall Exhaust Fans can be fitted into double-brick wall cavities for a simple and cost-effective solution. 

A more heavy-duty fixed ventilation solution would be a Hooded Roof Fan, constructed from steel and aluminium, these units are weatherproof and designed for large industrial buildings.

“Our extraction systems are ideal for warehouses, factories, and workshops,” says Troy. “They will remove that hot, stale air that contains fumes, dust and contaminants and then introduce a supply of fresh air. Ultimately, this creates a more comfortable working environment for staff and allows for greater productivity.”

Fanmaster is an importer and a manufacturer of industrial-grade extraction fans, offering a range of imported and Australian-made units to the market. 

For technical consultation and install support for extraction fan systems in an industrial environment, visit a local BSC branch and connect with an expert today.