Minimalist, straight forward design is the hallmark of Mackay’s range of Plate Isolators that provide an uncomplicated solution to protecting equipment and machinery from damaging vibrations and shock loads. 

Mackay Consolidated Industries is a 100% Australian owned and operated business that began in 1932 as a small privately owned company that specialised in the supply of OEM approved automotive parts. 

Today, Mackay is Australia’s largest designer and manufacturer of a diverse range of market leading rubber and rubber composite vibration isolators, bushes, buffers, hoses, and safety products.  

Mackay’s reputation has become a benchmark for world-class production standards with their state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facilities that include vertical integration of design from concept to completion as well as the testing and development of materials and compounds.  

The safety-critical components and systems Mackay designs and manufactures are used in trains, trams, cars, trucks, buses, high‑speed catamarans, commercial marine vessels, frigates, submarines, armoured vehicles, guided weapons, rockets, helicopters, and UAV’s.

In Australia, Mackay distributes simple, effective solutions for controlling vibrations through Motion Australia’s businesses.

“Mackay has a solid business ethos and our team loves working with them to supply our customers with products that reflect their refined engineering and manufacturing capabilities,” says Motion Australia’s David Malthouse, Product Manager– Industrial Fasteners, Lifting and Rigging.

“We share a common interest in understanding customer requirements and delivering excellence in customer service and engineered solutions that will improve the performance and efficiency of equipment and machinery across the industrial landscape.” 

“Our best-selling products from Mackay are from their range of Plate Mountings which are used for everything from paper manufacturing to crushers, shakers, vibratory feeders and all manner of industry equipment and machinery,” says Dave. 

Mackay’s Plate Isolators use dampening elements to contain energy through passive vibration isolation, which protect equipment and machinery from being damaged and provides comfort for equipment operators. 

For example, in rock crusher control cabins, the structural vibrations induced by the crushing operation can be significant, and as such, it becomes necessary to isolate the control cabin to protect the operators and their equipment. 

Mackay Plate Isolators are also ideal for isolating from structural vibrations generated by rock crushers or large vibratory hopper feeders. Where vibrations are located on a horizontal plane, Mackay’s design makes it possible to stack one mount upon another to increase lateral isolation. 

Working in partnership with Motion Australia ensures stock of Mackay’s range of products is readily available for delivery through Motion’s network of supply channels nationwide, allowing operators to secure lead times. 

If you are looking to protect equipment and machinery from the damaging effects of vibration and shock, Mackay Plate Mounting systems provide the answer.    

For more information on Mackay products and their range of Plate Isolators, visit or call your local Motion Australia branch and speak with a technical representative today!