A puller is like a mechanical arm for maintenance and production. If the puller breaks, then inevitably downtime will be extended.

“Anywhere there is a bearing fitted, you will find a puller,” says David Malthouse, Product Manager at BSC.

Toledo, a registered brand of Tridon Australia, is a leading name in quality hand tools. According to David, some of BSC’s sales representatives have been working with the Tridon Toledo range for more than forty years.

“Tridon has a full range of bearing fitment tools. A lot of products need separation, housing, and gearboxes. To do that, it requires mounting and dismounting tools such as a puller. That’s where Toledo tools come in handy.”

The Toledo puller program, which BSC has had underway since the beginning of this year, will see the roll out of Toldeo stands to the entire network of BSC stores across the country.

The puller range from Toldeo is extensive, ranging from various sizes of three-leg pullers to hydraulic pullers, mechanical pullers, and axial split kits for pulling axles out of a vehicle.

“The Toledo product range has grown to over 3200 products over the years. The puller program across BSC will include a few hundred different Toldeo products,” says David.

The advantage with the Toledo range, according to David, is that their hydraulic cylinders are interchangeable with their other products. Kits are modular which means there will never be just one kit on site. Parts can be mixed and matched to suit an application.

“Customers may have two or three kits on site and if they break a head unit, they can grab one from another kit, instead of having to reorder it or go to the shop,” says David. “Our branch managers like to have them because they can easily interchange them for supply, which is an advantage in remote areas.”

As the wrong puller can damage a bearing, David says the recommendation from BSC representatives helps customers purchase the right tool for their operation.

“The BSC people will often visit sites, have a look at the size of the product the customer is extracting or mounting, and make recommendations accordingly,” says David.

Luke Hayson, National Account Manager for Tridon, has been working with Toldeo products for more than twelve years and knows the series back to front.

“Toledo is a 75-year-old brand. We have been dealing with BSC for as long as I can remember. For as long as BSC has been around, we have been proudly partnered up with them and we make a really good partnership,” says Luke.

“The Toledo puller range is one of our premium ranges. It’s an exciting time because we are in the process of expanding network-wide to BSC stores. Our pullers go hand-in-hand with some of the bearings that BSC sells. It is a genuine puller solution offering through BSC,” says Luke.

On the secret to longevity and growth of the Toldeo puller range, Luke thinks quality of workmanship has played an important part.  “Toledo pullers are manufactured from high-quality steel that makes them robust and strong. Our hydraulic RAM is oil filled and we have seal kits for them. We sell replacement parts for the seals in the event of a breakdown,” he adds.

Though professional tradies are well familiar with the Toledo name, Luke says DIY users also comprise a good share of customers.

“If someone is looking for a premium option, customers look at the Toledo brand as second to none. Tridon has engineers that can make recommendations on what product to use. They will usually recommend a Toledo product before anything else.”

Customers can expect to see a Toldeo stand coming into every BSC branch across Australia very soon. According to David, the implementation of the Toledo puller program should reach its completion by the end of 2021.


Toledo Features and Benefits

  • Designed for easy removal of bearings, pulleys, gears and sprockets
  • Working capacity of up to 10 tonnes
  • Twin and triple head sets
  • Interchangeable parts for an infinite number of applications
  • Ideal for most automotive, agricultural, industrial, marine and mining
  • Supplied in custom moulded high-grade EVA foam for safe and secure storage