Anti-seize lubricants are commonly used in the mining industry to treat corrosion and the subsequent seizure of metal connections in machine assemblies. But not all anti-seize products are made equal. This is why a hard rock mining operation in North Queensland consulted with the CBC Townsville branch – who they had been working with for over 40 years – as to which anti-seize products would best suit their application in terms of efficacy, safety and environmental impact.

The solution came in the form of LOCTITE specialty anti-seize lubricants. According to Sam Wilkinson, who is the Mining Manager for the North Queensland region with CBC Australia, the solution was largely successful because of the trust built between CBC and their customer.

“The customer is a large hard rock mining operation, with a very long presence in the North Queensland area, supporting the local community and businesses,” he says. “CBC Townsville have enjoyed a good working relationship with this site for more than 40 years, throughout many different owners and operators.”

Another key reason the solution presented was successful is because of the partnership between CBC’s holding company, Motion Asia Pacific, and Henkel, the supplier of the renowned LOCTITE anti-seize lubricant range.

Carlos Davanco, who is an Application Engineer in the North Queensland and Northern Territory for Adhesive Technologies with Henkel Australia, consulted with CBC Townsville on this particular project. He says the LOCTITE anti-seize products were suited to this application because excessive corrosion is inherent to the environment.

“Excessive corrosion and the subsequent seizure of metal connections is a common problem with assemblies in all industries, but particularly in a mine site where so many varieties can happen such as higher exposure to moisture, thermal cycling and presence of chemicals. These may end up deteriorating the metal assemblies or causing equipment to seize up, making their disassembly and reassembly a challenge, and resulting in unnecessary downtime,” he explains. “Being a trusted brand in the market and one of Motion Asia Pacific’s major partners in the maintenance, repair and overhaul field, the LOCTITE solution was presented to the customer and they then trialled the material in the affected areas on the site.”

The trial concluded with the customer approving the anti-seize products to be used onsite, effectively solving a problem that had caused many negative impacts on their production over several years.

“The feedback couldn’t have been better once the problem was solved,” Carlos enthuses. “This increased the customer’s trust in CBC and also highlighted how effective the combined technical support they receive from Henkel is with these LOCTITE products,” Carlos adds.

However, Carlos also points out that the process is an ongoing one, that anti-seize lubrication should be applied at regular intervals, depending on the assessment provided by an application engineer.

“Anti-seize lubricants are specialty lubricants that reduce friction between threaded and matted metal parts as well as prevent corrosion and seizure of parts under pressure and at high temperatures, which makes it  harder to define a time for product duration, as it will depend on all of the exposure – such as moisture, temperature and chemical – the material will have,” he says.

Henkel have application engineers strategically positioned within Australia, and they work together with CBC branches to assess customer situations and recommend the best practices for product application once all variances are understood.

“Any equipment with assemblies made out of metal that are exposed to aggressive or corrosive environments may face deterioration of the metal assemblies,” Carlos expands. “By applying the right LOCTITE anti-seize products on the bolt treads, the rust and the subsequent seizure can be avoided.”

From Sam’s point of view, the key benefit to the customer is reduced downtime – which comes as result of good engineering recommendations and top product.

“Both Henkel and CBC staff have a passion for solving problems and reducing downtime for the end user. The benefits of our partnership are manifold for the customer, but the most important result is reduced downtime.”