Mining is a tough job, requiring equipment robust enough to handle extreme conditions.

Drill down rigs in particular need to be able to withstand the impacts that come from drilling into hard granite and rock to create blasting holes. To get the required downward pressure, these rigs need robust chain drives connected to a power source.

Troy Markland, National Product Manager for Inenco Industrial Solutions’ BSC, says chain drives receive a lot of punishment, so it is crucial a high-quality chain is used.

“The mining industry requires robust, well-made chains with accurate tolerances, quality materials and excellent assembly,” he explains.

“That’s why we recommend Diamond’s High Strength Series chain. They are high-quality chains designed to have long term performance and reliability.”

Diamond is a leading supplier of high-performance roller chains for the global power transmission markets, operating in a diverse range of industries such as agriculture, aerospace, defence and mining.

The company’s High Strength Series of chain has been specifically designed for dynamic high shock load applications such as drill rigs and include multiple design features and production controls to deliver the best performance in difficult environments.

Link plates use the thicker material of the next larger sized chain and have a layer of compressive stress to help resist fatigue when subjected to high loads.

Medium carbon through-hardened pins help to increase the chain’s tensile strength and allow it to better absorb shock loads. Pin link and roller link plates are oriented during assembly so that the pitch hole bearing area is maximised. Each chain is also pre-loaded to half of its tensile strength, firmly seating all components and reducing run-in.

Diamond Series Roller chain only using solid bushings and rollers, allows for extended pin wear life and smoother operation with the chain socket. A multi-step pitch hole process maximises the bearing area and creates smooth, burr free bushing interface. A proprietary hot-dip lubrication penetrates between chain components, extending wear life as well as load resistance, with a nickel coating available for protection against humidity and water.

These features help the chain excel in high load lifting or pulsating applications like drilling.

Markland says Diamond’s chains have a reputation of being durable and long lasting, factors that make it a solid investment when investing in equipment.

“It’s a premium product, which means you pay a little more up front but in the long term you’re seeing a lot of savings from a lack of downtime,” he says.

“The biggest cost to any business is downtime and loss of production. For mines, you’re looking at costs reaching potentially tens of thousands of dollars an hour for equipment that isn’t operating.

“Diamond’s chains last longer, reducing overall downtime.”

BSC is an exclusive distributor of Diamond products in Australia, with a relationship spanning more than 30 years. The two companies work closely to offer 24/7 technical support globally.

In addition to being a distributor, BSC can advise companies through its engineering expertise. Often they will assist a customer by helping with the selection process for new equipment and with drive design.

Markland adds that this advice is vital to getting the most out of a chain. He says that just like a person would go to a doctor to get the right advice for the health of their body, so too should you get the right advice from trained engineering specialists.

Inenco Industrial Solutions also offers significant after sales support, using its extensive network and stock availability to ensure spare parts are close at hand. The company provides period inspections for chains in service and can even train mine staff in preventative maintenance. This is so that mining companies can keep downtime at a minimum and get back into production as soon as possible.

“From my perspective, nothing outlasts a Diamond,” Markland says. “The reliability and long-term performance benefits just can’t be beat.”