Keeping facilities clean and closely monitored is crucial to ensuring the safety of employees and livestock, as well as overall efficiency in the production process. Ventilation plays a key part in this, as industrial sites are prone to airborne particles such as dust and chemical vapours. Even large and open work areas require adequate exhaust equipment in place, which is where Fanmaster’s versatile range of hooded roof fans comes in.

Constructed from highly durable steel and a weatherproofed aluminium cap, these fixed exhaust units can be hard wired into existing ducting and used in various building types including factories, warehouses, workshops and plants. When used in tandem with Fanmaster’s range of industrial coolers, they are also capable of lowering interior temperatures to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for workers. Thermal factors are particularly important where radiant heat from machinery occurs, or when the building might have limited natural airflow from outside.

The first step to determining the best ventilation system for an industrial business is to analyse the room’s oxygen demand. This involves measuring the airflow rate in cubic feet per minute (CFM) required by the size and purpose of the site. All Fanmaster roof fans have a CFM rating, to make this decision-making process straightforward. Other important considerations involve cumulative noise level and potential hazards in the building, such as flammables.

Poor air monitoring can be disastrous when it comes to health. An abundance of airborne particles can lead to eye and nose irritation – even lung damage in more serious circumstances. Where hazardous chemicals are being used, lack of oxygen might lead to grogginess, posing a serious danger when operating large machinery.  

Fanmaster’s industrial-grade solutions help to minimise these contaminants through mechanical ventilation. Available in 400, 600, and 800mm sizes and various power levels, this range of hooded roof fans are of the highest quality, having undergone rigorous testing procedures over extended periods of time. They are capable of filtering heat, smoke, welding fumes, bacteria and dust out of factories and large spaces in substantial volumes and short turnarounds.

According to SafeWork NSW , air quality can have a major impact on employee productivity. This is because thermal instability and pollutants are known to cause prolonged fatigue, low concentration, and ongoing health issues that lead to frequent absences. Not only does this put the individual at risk, but it is also a point of concern for business. Ultimately, making sure that robust ventilation systems are in place can directly impact efficiency within the workplace. Investing in the reliability of Fanmaster products offers peace of mind that staff can operate safely, free of compromising environmental factors. 

The team of highly skilled experts at Motion Australia are available to audit worksites and recommend the best Fanmaster product to suit specific needs. Designed with a scientific approach and for application flexibility, their range of sturdy hooded roof fans delivers on Motion Australia’s promise of solution-based design and quality.