Where there are combustible materials present near motorized equipment, there is the danger of explosion. An explosive atmosphere may be created by combustible particles or dust, either suspended by the surrounding air or layered on a surface area. 

Working with agricultural equipment, the threat of airborne contaminants and dust is constant, particularly on equipment that runs on an electric charge. As a result, the imminent threat of a hazardous area requires safety officers to take special precautions with the assembly and usage of electric motors. 

This harvest season, Motion Australia recommends TECO’s MAX-Ex series range motor technology to protect equipment from an explosive incident that could endanger workers. 

Established in 1983 as a wholly owned subsidiary of TECO Electric & Machinery Co., TECO Australia has distinguished themselves in the market as a reliable supplier of superior quality electric motors. They have since introduced their innovative range of MAX-Ex Hazardous Area Motors which includes the market leading TECO MAX-ExtD ignition-proof motor that is fully protected by an enclosure to exclude dust. 

The MAX-ExtD, also known as the Dust Ignition Proof (DIP), is a low-voltage, three-phase, induction motor. As an industry leading motor design, the MAX-ExtD is constructed in accordance with IP66 and Class H motors, and specifically designed to meet the strict IEC safety standards for electrical equipment that will be used in hazardous areas: Ex tD, Zone A21, T135˚C IP66, 55˚C ambient, to IEC614241.0:2004, IEC614241.1:2004.

In addition to its impressive specs, the MAX-ExtD can also be assembled in a range of configurations and in tandem with various accessories to provide maximum flexibility for a customer’s application requirements. 

TECO Australia has a dedicated team of highly skilled tradespeople in their Sydney workshop where the team is certified as an IECEx manufacturer and regularly audits their quality assurance in line with that certification, to ensure every motor is being built to the highest standard of quality.   

TECO MAX-ExtD Features and Benefits

• Dust-excluding and ignition-proof

• Will not permit arcs, sparks, or heat inside the protective enclosure

• Limitations on external temperatures while running

• Components subject to impact tests

• Terminal block complies with anti-tracking requirements 

• Material used suitable for humid environments 

• Minimal electrical leakage paths

For more information, visit your local Motion Australia branch.