The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen food processing supply chains disrupted, as customer demand is putting stress on increasing production output. The surge in demand for food products has seen customers stockpiling food, requiring food processing plants to increase their production to keep our shelves full and meet the increased purchasing behavior of customers. It is imperative that food processing plants do not experience an unexpected shut down during this period due to machine or equipment failure, making predictive and ongoing maintenance extremely important.

Kalfresh is a vertically integrated business, focused on farming, processing, and marketing fresh vegetables. They control all stages of the seed to shelf journey. They are a major supplier to supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops, meaning that an unplanned shutdown during this time is not ideal. When the maintenance team at Kalfresh was undergoing a maintenance check of the food processing facility, they had noticed that some equipment required a change out of bearings urgently. This is when Darren Burke Maintenance Manager at Kalfresh reached out to the BSC team with an urgent order for bearings.

Our team at BSC Wacol were prepared to meet Kalfresh’s request. The order came in at 8am that day to Sales Representative Daniel Iselin, he worked efficiently with the BSC team to secure all bearings and had them ready for a 1:30pm pick up. Due to the food processing plant being 80km away, regular freight, especially during this unpredictable time was not an option. Had the BSC team not secured the bearings on time, the maintenance team at Kalfresh would not have been able to complete their maintenance check on the weekend, leaving their equipment at risk of failure. As aforementioned, this would not be an ideal outcome, especially when demands on production are currently high.

Here at BSC, we know how important it is to keep your operations running and we will go the extra mile to ensure that your plant does not have to experience an unplanned shutdown. This is why Darren Burke does business with BSC, because our teams are prepared to go above and beyond to provide reliable service to keep your plant operational.

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