Performing repairs and maintenance work on fluid transfer systems has historically been a problematic process in the agriculture and food processing industries. Using traditional sealing methods, technicians often need to break off the seal to make maintenance adjustments incurring downtime on operations. 

Even the smallest leaky pipe can bring food processing operations to a total standstill and there are immense costs associated with this unplanned downtime including loss of product and labour hours, according to Michael Rowe– Motion Australia’s Product Manager for Adhesives and Sealants. 

Thankfully, the advent of LOCTITE® 55 Thread Sealing Cord has made leaky pipes a thing of the past.

“On a typical thread locking assembly, there is only about 15% metal to metal contact allowed,” says Michael. “That leaves about 85% of the area that needs to be sealed where fluid products can leak through.”

In contrast to traditional sealing approaches, the LOCTITE 55 Thread Sealing Cord has re-adjusting capacity up to 45° without the risk of joint leaks or tape shreds contaminating the internal pipe. This means that turning the joint to ensure complete alignment is safe, giving the user peace of mind to recommence operation.

“The LOCTITE 55 Thread Sealing Cord creates a staggered seal system for the join, so that any ingress of fluid will be captured before making it’s escape,” he explains. 

The LOCTITE55 Thread Sealing Cord can be utilised in the efficient, low-cost assembly of farming machinery such as tractors, sprayers, combines, and skid steers, in addition to cabin, engine, transmission, axle and gearbox assemblies. Due to its no-cure time and instant sealing performance, it is also suitable for emergency repair to avoid downtime in the field.

Additionally, LOCTITE 55 is designed for both high and low pressure systems, and has a safe operating temperature of -55°C to 150°C. The immediate seal will match the pressure of the pipe, getting machinery back up and running at peak performance.

This sealing cord is approved for both gas and potable water applications and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. It is also compliant with the WATERMARK WMTS014:2016 Jointing Materials Certificate no. WMK26725. The convenient dispenser packaging mitiGates® product waste onsite and is a portable solution for machinery on the go.

As a leading brand of adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments from the Henkel company, LOCTITE understands the challenges associated with maintaining durable, safe farming machinery. Through comprehensive research and development, and a wealth of expertise from many years servicing the industry, they have developed an impressive portfolio of industrial-grade thread sealing products.  

For expert advice on the use of LOCTITE®’s sealing products, visit your local Motion Australia Branch.

Why Fred the Farmer recommends LOCTITE® Thread Sealants

• Can replace putty, tape, and paste sealants

• Supplied in containers which both stores and aids dispensing

• Recommended for both metal and plastic threaded assemblies

• AGA approve to work at -55°C to 150°C 

• Suitable for potable water and gas applications

• Can be used on threaded assemblies up to 4”

How to apply the LOCTITE® 55 Thread Sealing Cord

Directions for use  

  1. Clean parts with a wire brush prior to application of product. 
  2. Hold the end of the Pipe Sealing Cord against the male nipple with one finger approximately two threads away from the end. 
  3. Wind the fibre onto the pipe threads in the same direction of the thread helix starting from the end of the pipe. For optimum performance, the grooves of the threads should be filled without completely masking the pitches of the thread. NOTE: It is not necessary to follow the valley of the thread. 
  4. CAUTION: Do not over-apply the Pipe Sealing Cord. Excessive material tends to be pushed off as fittings are assembled, and it may become mechanically more difficult to complete the engagement. 
  5. Cut the required length off with the integrated cutting tool and smooth the loose end onto the pitches of the pipe thread. 
  6. LOCTITE® 55 Pipe Cord™ can be adjusted up to 45° after tightening