Securing nuts and bolts together just got easier. LOCTITE® has introduced the new Pro Pump handheld dispenser, providing a clean and efficient way to dispense threadlockers to secure threaded assemblies. 

The pump dispenser is designed to deliver an average of 30 mg of adhesive with a single pull of the trigger and can fit all 50ml and 250 ml bottles in the LOCTITE anaerobic range – including not just threadlockers, but also retaining compounds, thread sealants and any other LOCTITE product stored in the LOCTITE red bottle. 

The LOCTITE Pro Pump dispenser comes with a foldable multi-position nozzle in three orientations, making it easy to dispense the liquid adhesives, even in hard-to-reach applications. CBC and BSC, both businesses under the Motion Asia Pacific Group, have the new LOCTITE Pro Pump dispenser in stock at their branches, along with the full range of LOCTITE products. 

Henkel Australia Product Manager for Adhesive Technologies in Australia and New Zealand, Andrea Campi, says the new Pro Pump dispenser can particularly benefit users with repeat uses of the adhesive products.

 “The requirement for a precise and consistent dispensing method often comes mainly from the big users with multiple repeat applications. In such cases, preventing even small wastes can add up to big savings,” says Andrea.

“Moreover, using the Pro Pump dispenser helps avoid spillage to keep your workplace clean. That helps eliminate an extra step, which is cleaning, in your production cycle,”
he adds.

LOCTITE threadlockers are available in a wide variety of strengths and used for different applications. Andrea says that applying the right amount of threadlocker is important for achieving the required strength in threadlocking.

“When you lock mating threads, you need to have good coverage of the engaging area, both on the male and female threads. If you use too little threadlocker, the bond won’t work. If you use too much adhesive, the excess won’t cure, and it needs to be cleaned.”

As explained by Andrea, the choice of the appropriate threadlocker for each application depends on factors such as the strength required, the thread size and diameter, as well as the frequency of disassembly.

“If you need to disassemble the nuts and bolts frequently, then you would probably avoid using LOCTITE 263 or LOCTITE 277, which are the highest strength threadlockers in the range. Because if you use these, then you’ll need localised heating of up to 200 degrees to be able to undo the nut and bolt. For instance, if your application is close to a flammable fuel or a plastic component, using localised heating is not possible. In such applications, we may recommend either low strength (LOCTITE 222) or medium strength (LOCTITE 243) threadlockers.”

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing threadlockers, according to Andrea, is the application method. While most LOCTITE liquid threadlockers are designed to be applied when parts are assembled, the Wicking grade formula (LOCTITE 290) can be applied on parts that are already assembled.

“If you have an assembly that you don’t want to undo but you still need to have threadlockers either to keep the assembly in place or to avoid rust in the area, you can use LOCTITE 290 without having to disassemble the nut and bolt.”

Michael Rowe, BSC Product Manager for Adhesives & Sealants, says BSC experts can readily offer advice on the most suitable LOCTITE products for any application. 

“BSC, in collaboration with Henkel Australia, also offers training workshops to anyone interested to learn more about the range of LOCTITE adhesives and sealants. As part of these workshops, we often provide guidelines around application to make sure the best support is available to LOCTITE product users,” he concludes. 

The LOCTITE® Pro Pump dispenser benefits: 

• Turns a bottle of adhesive into a dispensing system 

• Prevents spills, eliminates mess and waste 

• A single drop of adhesive is always ready with just a pull of the trigger 

• Small, compact and lightweight