From farming and forestry to fisheries, abattoirs, and processing plants, the Australian agriculture sector is an integral part of the global food industry. Agriculture accounts for approximately 55% of the country’s land use and Australian farming and forestry grossed around $75 billion in value in 2021, according to the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment.1

However, the value of agriculture products largely depends on the quality of the conditions it is cultivated in which includes local water supply, aggressive seasonal and climate demands, and the overall reliability of farming equipment.

Enter Sean Babbage – General Manager – Flow Technologies at Motion Australia.

Sean specialises in facilitating fluid transfer solutions and managing flow technology projects across the industrial sector in Australia, in particular supporting customers with a range of hydraulic hose tubing, fittings, and accessories.

“One of the most important pieces of equipment in an agriculture setting is the hydraulic hose because it powers the hydraulic systems that transfer water for planting, growing, and irrigation,” says Sean.

“Just as food is the lifeblood of human society, water is the lifeblood of food production.”

One of Motion Australia’s flagship businesses Hardy Spicer is one of Australia’s market leading suppliers of hydraulic hose and fittings, driveshafts and universal joints, catering specifically to agricultural customers who require OEM approved parts and components for their hose assemblies.

Among their portfolio of OEM approved hydraulic hose products is the Sabre Flex hydraulic hose and accessories and the Sabre AG hose attachments which provide the perfect synergy to support customers in the agriculture sector, according to Sean.

“Sabre AG is a range of attachments designed to suit OEM machinery and equipment such as harvesters and grain handling equipment that we supply to agricultural and food production customers,” explains Sean.

“Often when a customer sources a Sabre AG attachment there is a corresponding hydraulic fluid transfer requirement which can be achieved using hydraulic hose and connectors. This is where our range of Sabre Flex hydraulic hose, clamps and quick release couplings can offer customers a closed loop solution.”

With the characteristic engineering ingenue the market has come to expect, Hardy Spicer and Motion Australia’s group of businesses are an exclusive supplier of the OEM designed and Italian made Sabre Flex and Sabre AG hydraulic hose and fittings to the Australian market.

“The risks with hose assemblies are associated with rigid or inflexible components that are subject to wear abrasion and corrosive build up. Additionally, the weight of a hose assembly can create problems with mobility and maintenance,” says Sean.

“Conversely, a good hose assembly should be robust to damage while at the same time being lightweight and flexible– This is the engineering challenge that hose manufacturers face when developing hydraulic system designs.”

The Sabre range, he notes, is an interchangeable system that aligns with OEM standard, and it is well suited to the Australian agriculture market because the quality of construction can withstand the harsh conditions of our country’s climate conditions which can be punishing on equipment that is exposed to high-heat, dusty and corrosive environments.

“The Sabre Flex R16 hose is a two-wire braided, compact hose that offers the extra flexibility and ease that the agricultural market requires. For example, it can support an attachment connection to a tractor and extra abrasive protection can be added in high-risk areas with a Sabre abrasive and anti-conductive sleeve. The assembly can then be finished by connecting Sabre ISO A or B quick release couplings.”

Sean’s engineering expertise is well represented across Motion Australia’s businesses offering customers complete hydraulic hose system consultation, design, and fitting on-site.

For more information on the Sabre Flex hydraulic hose range and accessories, the Sabre AG attachments, and other Motion Australia’s other hydraulic hose solutions, visit a local branch and speak to one of our technical representatives today.

Sabre Flex Hydraulic Hose

Feature and Benefits:

  • Compact 2 wire (R16) Hose
  • Hardy Spicer matched and validated fittings
  • Validated to SAE international Standard
  • Designed and tested to EN specifications.
  • Fully tested to 200,000 impulse cycles.
  • Designed for OEM applications.
  • MSHA Approved anti-abrasive cover.
  • Suitable for mineral and biological oils.
  • Operating temperature -40 to 100 degree.


  1. Australian Government. Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment. Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2022