As co-founder of Sealing Solutions, Luke Carlon emphasises, “Refurbishing seals is not simply an added service for us, but an integral part of our business.”

Recently acquired by Motion Australia, Australian owned and operated Sealing Solutions is a leading national manufacturer and supplier of mechanical seals, gasketing, packing and extrusions — many of which are refurbished and re-engineered in accordance with OEM standards.

Offering a complete range of mechanical seals, Sealing Solutions is a great complement to the Motion Australia business, particularly in the food, beverage, and dairy industries, according to National Engineering Manager Anthony O’Keefe.

“We have great pleasure of welcoming Sealing Solutions to the Motion Australia family as a recent acquisition,” says Anthony. “The business was founded by Tony Eldridge and Luke Carlon in 1995, and we are very pleased to be having Tony and Luke stay on as we partner to grow the business.”

After 15 years at Braeside, Sealing Solutions built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Carrum Downs.

Since 1995, Luke and Tony have established the seal refurbishment model that changed the way mechanical sealing is supplied in Australia.

“At Sealing Solutions, we specialise in refurbishing seals, often re-engineering them to outperform the original components,” says Luke. “We track and monitor a seal’s progress through every stage of the refurbishment process, with our team of technical specialists that prompt and complete the evaluation of the seals every step of the way.”

“From inception to completion on every project, our design and testing departments are involved in the manufacturing process,” he explains. “We render the seals in 3D modelling software, oversee the building and construction process, execute component testing, cartridge seal pressure testing, and failure analysis,” he continues, adding, “We work on everything — from simple seal components to complete seal kits — which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.”

Sealing Solutions has a comprehensive mechanical seal inventory for the Food and Beverage market segment, with a wide stock of common and customer specific parts.

“Our refurbished seals and components are hygienically cleaned and finished in the company’s service facility with ultrasonic cleaners, sand blasting and parts washers,” says Luke. “In addition to this, we offer homogeniser wear and seal replacement components such as impact rings, passage heads, valve seats, and vee-ring sets.”

The company is also an active member of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA), which sets the national guidelines for dairy producers, manufacturers, and allied trades people. The DIAA allows them to supply FDA compliant seals and stay current on technological advancements.1

But while the food and beverage market segment were very important for Sealing Solutions business, it is not the only sector in which the company is active.

“We have worked successfully with a lot of clients across the chemical engineering and industrial segments, particularly OEMs,” says Luke. “We work closely with our clients to reduce maintenance and inventory costs. As a direct result of our work with them, many of our clients have been able to reduce their seal expenditures by establishing a programme of seal refurbishment that we have coordinated to put in place and monitor ongoing for them.”

The mechanical seal industry is going through a period of rationalisation and major restructuring, according to Luke. “It is a time where new ideas and technology are creating a major shift within the industry, and we want to lead the charge on that innovation.”

The combined 125 years of experience across technical, sales, and operational fields, is what Luke believes will be the foundation for continued growth and stability for Sealing Solutions as a business. “Our long-standing relationships with quality suppliers and recent acquisition by Motion Australia can only contribute to this success, as we continue grow alongside them,” he concludes.

For more information on Sealing Solutions products and services, please visit a local CBC, BSC, or WebsterBSC branch, the newly designated distributors.

Alternatively, an extensive catalogue of Sealing Solutions products can be viewed online on their website at:


  1. Dairy Industry Association of Australia


Sealing Solutions in Carrum Downs, Melbourne 

  • Manufacturing facility – In-housing machining, lathes, and mills for quick turnaround of manufactured and modified metal components.
  • Cleaning facility – Hygienic cleaning and finishing of components utilising ultrasonic cleaners, sand blasting and parts washers.
  • Seal face and component lapping area – Lapping machines, hand lapping plates, and monochromatic light for checking seal face flatness.
  • Technical department – Solidworks 3D design modelling and drawings, engineering, and technical support services.
  • Sales department – Integrated with the technical department so customers can receive the support they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Quality inspection and testing – Quality assurance officers oversee the building and construction process, execute component testing, cartridge seal pressure testing, and failure analysis. Every aspect of the process has some form of quality inspection involved.