As the agricultural sector is poised for another bumper harvest season, Grant Gray encourages those working in the paddock to plate industries to have a conversation with their local CBC or BSC branch about upcoming equipment requirements.

“Preparation is so important, particularly in light of the supply chain challenges that have been felt across the globe,” stresses the General Manager National Sales for CBC, BSC and WebsterBSC, a part of Motion Asia Pacific. “I’d suggest to our readers and customers to reach out to your local branch to discuss what your needs are. What does your service model look like? This will help us arrange for the supply of parts you need, when you need them.”

Besides securing parts supply, Grant highlights the importance of keeping abreast of the latest technological innovations. 

“We’re heading into a very technology-driven age, particularly in farming and agriculture where we are seeing a lot of innovation,” he explains. “Our staff have an immense amount of collective knowledge and expertise and can advise people within this sector as to any newer technologies that can help make more efficient use of resources and inputs. This, in turn, can reduce costs, increase product yields and improve the longevity or performance of equipment.”

Grant also notes that Motion Asia Pacific’s impressive national footprint of branches means those working in agriculture have access to essential machinery parts, service and support across Australia. “We have the largest branch network nationally,” notes Grant. 

“Fortunately, with the reach of our national branch network, we have a strong historical footprint in the agricultural sector,” he says. “Our reputation for speed and service is complemented by our physical presence in Australia’s agricultural towns. This is supported by our world class distribution centres, which enable us to get products out to customers in a timely fashion.”

Significantly, Grant says his team are well-acquainted with the agricultural communities in which they service.  

“Many of the Motion Asia Pacific team live in country towns – we’re already part of the fabric of these rural communities,” he enthuses. “Which means we’re out in the field, amongst it. Not sitting behind the desk in a city hundreds of kilometres away. Where my team operate best is when they’re knee deep in gum boots in a paddock talking to one of their customers about what the latest innovation can provide in terms of increased outputs.”

Despite the fact that Motion Asia Pacific have a strong, local presence – and the ability to mobilise resources and
products quickly to customers –
Grant acknowledges there are current issues with supply that go beyond his company’s control. 

“We have to be mindful that there is a global shortage right now on a lot of product. The pandemic has had this impact on manufacturing plants globally,” he cautions. “What hasn’t shifted though is the insatiable appetite for consumption.”

Moreover, Grant says demand has also been fuelled by a growing sense of nationalism around purchasing Australian-grown products.

“People want to buy Australian made or Australian grown produce in their local supermarket. There has always been a strong drive towards local produce, but this has increased to a whole other level due to the shift in the current climate that we live in,” Grant expands. 

“And it’s our responsibility to remind our customers to plan and make sure they’re in the best possible position with their machinery and production lines come harvest, so that they’re able to achieve that maximum output and get their product out and onto the shelves as soon as possible.”     

Grant urges customers to take stock of what they need to get through the harvest period seamlessly, as there is such high demand for product. 

“Our largest challenge as a supplier is the demand for product at the moment – even though one of our greatest strengths is our inventory, there are issues around supply chain that are beyond our control,” he explains. “Motion Asia Pacific has invested heavily in inventory as we know we can’t sell from empty shelves. We also employ the world’s best practice in making sure we have inventory appropriate to the markets in which we sell. Despite these practices, we can’t avoid stock outs when supply from overseas is limited.” 

Regardless of the challenges, Grant maintains that Motion Asia Pacific will be there as much as possible for customers and remains committed to supplying premium products. 

“Simply put, we carry the best brands. And what the market is suggesting right now is that people are looking for quality in their product, over price. Fortunately for us, those premium brands have been a strong offering within our stable. Judge us by the companies we keep!” he exclaims. “Our brand is everything and we have strong value proposition in the market.”

Furthermore, Grant points out that while most people remember the outcome of a particular product or solution. 

“What our customers  never ever forget is performance and the value that product has provided them,” he says. “We see issues with downtime regularly as a result of cheaper products used. We’ll be there for our customers in these instances and are happy to get them out of trouble, but what we can’t replace is those lost hours. Quality Lasts ”

And on that same tangent, Grant reiterates to readers the importance of getting in touch prior to the busy harvest season – at a time that is most convenient for them.   

“We’re happy to come out to site, or to arrange an online meeting. We understand that many of our customers in the farming sector perform their administrative or office tasks at night – send us an email, text or leave us a message and we will get back to you,” he assures. “We have qualified specialists including, product specialists, engineers and a market experienced sales force, along with our premium partners, and the ability to provide a 24/7 support service.”