Top Stock Agencies, a subsidiary of Granite Engineering, is a family owned business based in Mareeba Queensland. They specialise in the Stockfeed Industry, catering to the cattle, dairy, horse, pig and chicken feed industries. BSC has had a working relationship with Granite Engineering for around 10 years and has recently started working with Top Stock Agencies.

When Maintenance Manager for Top Stock Agencies, Darryl Jack reached out to the BSC Cairns team regarding a failing gearbox on their main feeder conveyor, the team was prepared to do whatever it took to help. The biggest hurdle was due to the COVID-19 pandemic preventing the team from conducting a site visit to identify the root of the problem, as it was essential that social distancing rules were upheld.

BSC’s Technical Sales Representative Paul King said, “due to the Coronavirus situation, being on site wasn’t an option so we had to fix this issue via a photo of the gearbox on site and based on the limited information that BSC Cairns had been sent. After a couple of phone calls, we were able to get enough information to come up with an equivalent gearbox.”

The BSC Cairns team worked closely with our Power Transmission Specialist, Chris Harrison, to quickly come up with a solution for Top Stock Agencies. They knew that if a solution was not provided promptly, the plant would be at risk of experiencing extended downtime due to equipment failure, and therefore a loss of production.

The technical expertise, teamwork and quick turnaround that Chris and the BSC Cairns team had exhibited, resulted in the team recommending a gearbox replacement solution based on the information that was provided to them remotely. Their persistence to service their customer remotely as best as they could resulted in Top Stock Agencies making an order for the new gearbox the next morning, preventing the need for an unplanned shutdown due to equipment failure.

Darryl and the Top Stock Agencies team were extremely thankful for the service that the BSC Cairns team provided. He said, “Paul is our go-to contact for these things. We work with BSC for the good service and quick turnaround, this job only took 3-4 days which is as good as it gets!”

At BSC, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ machines operating and preventing any unplanned shutdowns. Our teams are prepared to go above and beyond to provide reliable service to keep your plant operational. Our branches are stocked with critical parts and are ready to meet customer demand, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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