Conveyors play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of coal mines, as they are responsible for transporting large quantities of coal over big distances. They are also subject to harsh conditions including high temperatures, humidity, dust, and contaminants. These pose significant risks to componentry and equipment, resulting in costly repairs and prolonged periods of downtime. 

According to Michael Greelish, National Business Development Manager at Motion, the humble bearing is a critical component that can make the difference between a conveyor running well or not. 

“The role of bearings cannot be overstated and finding the right bearing for the conveyor application is of the utmost importance,” says Michael. “Often customers do not place as much importance on the type of bearings they are using, and this is where Motion can assist.” 

As a leading distributor and services provider to the mining industry, Michael says that Motion is well-placed to help find the best bearing solution for their customers and can assist with installation and fitment.  

“It is very important to install conveyor bearings correctly with the proper fit up, so you can get the optimal performance and service life out of the bearing. A step-by-step fit up that includes checking and using gauges to install the bearings will ensure a prolonged bearing life in coal mining applications,” Michael says. “Our team are always available to customers to assist on fitment and installation.” 

While there are a lot of different bearings on the market, Michael says Motion only partners with credible, high quality bearing manufacturers. Timken is one such supplier and sets the bar high in providing, robust and reliable bearing solutions.  

For coal mining conveyor applications, Michael makes specific mention of the Timken unitised spherical bearings. 

“The Timken spherical roller bearing solid block housed unit has established itself in the market as the strongest housed bearing unit of its kind, providing exceptional resilience and strength under extreme operating conditions, and that standard remains unparalleled in the industry,” says Michael. “These are an excellent choice for conveyor applications in coal mines, providing superior performance, reliability, and durability.” 

“The housing is made from solid cast steel and the bearing is fitted inside the housing at the factory level,” explains Michael. “The internal clearance is pre-set at the point of sale, and the sealing arrangement is pre-fitted to lock in grease and protect from the ingress of dust, dirt, and contaminants,” says Michael. 

Timken also plays an active role together with Motion to provide knowledge and training on-site for proper installation.   

“We regularly supply Timken spherical roller bearing solid block housed unit installation training to customers,” Michael says. “In conjunction with Australian Timken engineers, we teach customers how to correctly install the Timken spherical roller bearing solid block housed units. This training includes all staff on site from the apprentices to the fitters to the engineers. We encourage customers to get in touch with us about the training.”