When it comes to choosing a conveyor chain and components, food and beverage businesses need products they can rely on to keep operations running smoothly. That’s where Rexnord comes in.

Backed by a team of experienced application engineers, the complete portfolio of MatTop® and TableTop® Conveyor Chain and Rexnord® Conveyor Components gives customers in this market segment a wide variety of products to suit all types of conveying applications. 

Designed and selected specific to customer needs, the Rexnord solutions can prevent unscheduled downtime and ensure reliability. And with exclusive, high-performance materials that offer excellent wear characteristics and low-friction properties, customers can expect high durability, increased productivity, reduced product damage, and energy savings.

MatTop Conveyor Chain

Designed with versatility in mind, the MatTop Conveyor Chain comes in moulded-to-width (MTW) and assembled-to-width (ATW) configurations, making it perfect for applications with greater width requirements. The continuous conveying surface also provides stable product handling, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries.

In addition to its versatility, the MatTop Conveyor Chain offers a range of surface options for enhanced performance. The perforated top option allows for air and water rinsing, while the raised rib option provides a very smooth transfer. The friction surface option is perfect for inclines and declines, while the low backline pressure (LBP) option allows for accumulation.

Another great feature of the MatTop Conveyor Chain is the availability of straight-running and side-flexing options. This not only enhances its overall performance but also makes it easy to install and reduces floorspace requirements.

The FlatTop

When it comes to brewery applications, the Rexnord FlatTop Conveyor Chain is the go-to solution for quality, durability, and performance, as Leon Stefanec, National Business Development Manager for Food & Beverage at Motion, explains. 

“We have a number of brewery customers that use Rexnord,” he says. “When I think of a brewery, the biggest ticket items are the FlatTop chains; Rexnord are recognised for being one of the best in class for these applications.”

FlatTop chains are crucial in brewery operations as they are required in long lengths to transport cans and bottles around the plant. As these chains carry a lot of weight and undergo constant wear and tear, they need to be made of quality materials with a long life. 

“The FlatTop Chains carry all the cans and bottles around the plant,” Leon says. “Once a can is filled, it will get conveyed along to the packaging plant. The reliability and increased uptime of Rexnord products are critical for breweries to avoid unscheduled downtime and optimize their operations.

“For breweries or soft drink manufacturers – anyone that does canning or bottling – you’ll want to use these types of chains.” 

TableTop Conveyor Chain

A key feature of the TableTop Conveyor Chain is its range of straight-running and side-flexing options, including Magnetflex®, LPC®, Tab and Bevel. This not only minimises floorspace requirements but also enhances its overall performance.

The TableTop Conveyor Chain is designed to satisfy a wide range of conveyor applications, with a flat low-friction surface for container handling, a high-friction surface for inclines and declines, a low backline pressure (LBP) option for accumulation, and SideGrip™ options for ionized air or water rinsing. 

According to Troy Markland, National Product Manager for Power Transmission at Motion, TableTop and FlatTop Chains play a crucial role in the process of producing and packaging cans, bottles, and other products in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. 

“With a FlatTop chain or a TableTop Chain, they’re used all along the process in a bottling or packaging plant,” Troy says.

Troy explains that they are designed to address a variety of needs in the F&B industry. “For instance, high friction chains with rubber pads on top are used in conveyor incline applications,” he says. “These chains are ideal for conveyors that run up a hill, preventing products from slipping back down.” 

Troy emphasises the importance of understanding the different types of chains available – such as those with low back pressure and side-grip options – which are designed for specific applications.

“You have a very, very broad base across food and beverage industries using these chains,” he says. “They’re used in packaging lines, fillet lines, bottling. Whatever the variation or application – Rexnord chains have a solution.”

Additionally, all products are designed for optimised performance, delivering process-driven results and quality performance. And with fast delivery, most products ship in one to five days through Motion’s distribution channels.