Waste management and recycling are an integral aspect to today’s society. From collection and disposal constraints, to lack of technological advances, the nature of effective waste and recycling disposal can be met with varying challenges. A widespread issue in this sector continues to be equipment failure due to excessive loads in the transportation of waste and recycling.

Wrapflex – Elastomer Couplings

Regal Rexnord’s Falk Wrapflex Elastomeric Couplings act as a solution in providing adequate load protection for equipment that is consistently put under heavy load constraints. These couplings are non-lubricated and flexible and come in a variety of different applications.

Increased productivity

  • The couplings provide increased productivity through quick and easy installation – reducing the downtime between replacements.
  • Nine different close-coupled coupling designs are available, catering to different industrial needs.
  • Wrapflex couplings have a capacity of up to 133,000lb-in (15,028Nm) and cater to 7¼ inch (188mm) shaft and torque loads .


  • The innovative materials used to create the couplings, offer higher capacity ratings at a competitive price, making it an affordable choice for individuals or businesses wanting superior connectivity without the price tag.

Easy to install

  • The couplings are manufactured with increased flexibility due to the compound root radius in the element teeth. This feature provides opportunity for quicker installation when replacement is needed.
  • The couplings can be assembled from either direction without removing the hubs or realigning the motors during the replacement phase. 

Durable and maintenance-free

  • Wrapflex Couplings are made with polyurethane which has superior wear and chemical resistance, and an operating temperature of -40 degrees celsius to 95 degrees celsius, making it a tough and long-lasting device.
  • Zero maintenance is required due to the non-lubricated design of the flexible and durable polyurethane element, which overall lowers the maintenance costs on equipment.

Safe and effective

  • Regal Rexnord wants to ensure that equipment is protected through special hub features that reduce reaction loads transferred to connected equipment.
  • The flexible nature of the element is retained after failure, minimising damage to equipment or personal injury.

Tollok – Shaft Locking Device

An integral aspect in preventing machine elements from moving out of position from increased weight are robust locking devices. Tollok has partnered with Regal Rexnord in manufacturing extraordinarily engineered shaft locking devices for power generation and process industries. With over 40 years of application experience, Tollok’s products are used to secure rotating shafts, manage torque transmission, and counteract shaft bending and vibration.

Reliability and versatility

  • The robust product offerings include a wide range of options from simple to advanced designs and features.
  • Locking assemblies can be customized to fit changing application needs and are ideal for use in heavy-duty and specially engineered environments.

Low cost of ownership

  • Tollok uses specific engineered analysis tools to assure designs are as accurate as possible.
  • CAD drawings are directly integrated in a production system through CAD-CAM technology.

Application solutions

  • Broad range of internal locking assemblies, shrink discs and rigid couplings to fit varying applications.
  • Provides an alternative to a shaft/hub connection such as: key, splined, press fit, QD bushing or taper Lock bushing.

Technology coupled with quality service

  • Each unit is protected, packed and prepared for shipping with the utmost care.
  • Tollok products are distributed worldwide.
  • No matter the location, reliable experienced application engineers are there to provide technical support.

The Regal Rexnord Wrapflex and Tollok products are available through Motion  – a trusted supplier of industrial solutions with a nationwide footprint. Readers can contact their local Motion branch for more information or advice.