Following engine oils, hydraulic oils are the most important lubricants on hydraulic farm machinery. To reap the benefits of hydraulic equipment in an agricultural setting, the correct use of hydraulic oils in maintenance is key.

Designed to go the distance 

Hydraulic oils – also known as hydraulic fluids – differ from other types of lubrication by serving multiple functions on hydraulic applications. These fluids are designed to protect hydraulic systems in the most demanding of agricultural applications. Besides serving as protection against wear, corrosion and the ingress of contaminants, they are also a medium for energy transfer – an important distinction to make between hydraulic oils and standard oil lubricants. 

Hydraulic oils transfer power from the hydraulic pump motor to the hydraulic ram via a control valve. An important function is the transfer of heat and expulsion of trapped air. In addition to acting as a power transmission medium, the oils serve as a lubricant, sealant, coolant and eliminator of contaminants, to ensure all the driveline and all hydraulic system components are operating properly. 

Basically, reliable quality hydraulic oils not only optimise the performance of hydraulic machinery but can extend its longevity and improve efficiency during working hours. 

Gulf Western Oil – an Australian story

From the outset, Gulf Western Oil (GWO) have been producing oils specifically for the Australian market. That was the original goal when Peter Vicary founded GWO in 1988 with his two sons Andrew and Ben – from humble beginnings in Western Sydney, NSW – and it remains the focus of the lubricant specialists to this day. 

With a unique understanding of Australian farming conditions, GWO has developed some of the most advanced and reputable hydraulic oil formulas available in their state-of-the-art facility. As a premium partner to Motion, the farming community across Australia has access to the entire range of GWO hydraulic oils, greases and lubricants. The point of difference is quality and the fact that these are made by Aussies, for Aussies. To this day, GWO remains a family-owned and operated business. They are leaders in the field of hydraulic oils, and embrace globally-recognised programs such as API licensing (American Petroleum Institute) and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Management Systems Certification.

An example of GWO’s local innovations in hydraulic oils is the SUPERDRAULIC anti-wear hydraulic oil range. These hydraulic oils have been formulated with Zinc Dithiophosphate additive technology, which enables them to resist liquid and air contamination with demulsifying properties and maintain perfect thermal stability. These features make them especially suitable for agricultural applications that are prone to extreme heat and humidity.

SUPERDRAULIC hydraulic oils give super performance

GWO’s SUPERDRAULIC range has been successful in the market because of its reputation for superior quality and performance. The hydraulic oils have consistently been given a high approval rating from OEMs in agricultural applications.   

Why is SUPERHYDRAULIC preferred by farmers?

• Unmatched protection against wear and corrosion

• Decreased downtime on equipment

• Saves on equipment maintenance and/or breakdown

• Improved hydraulic performance 

• Extended equipment life

• Longer fluid life

• Excellent filterability that prevents filter blockages even when contaminated 

• Less filter replacements equals more cost savings

• Advanced low frictional characteristics prevent “stick slip” 

Steve Keown – National Product Manager

Key features: GWO SUPERDRAULIC Oils 

• API (American Petroleum Institute) licensed

• ISO 9001 quality assured

• Superior protection against wear

• Exceptional filterability 

• Exceptional seal and paint compatibility 

• Available in ISO Viscosity Grades 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100