With demand at record highs, it’s more important than ever to keep critical agricultural machinery running at its optimum. Lubrication is key to the health and protection of hardworking agricultural equipment and can make all the difference to the outcome of a season. 

Shell has a range of lubricants that have been specifically designed for agricultural applications, and are trusted by the agricultural industry to improve equipment performance, efficiency and longevity.

Using good quality, fit-for-purpose lubricants can drastically reduce costs by cutting unplanned downtime, lowering maintenance costs and increasing equipment life and availability.  All of which will have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line. 

Shell’s comprehensive product portfolio is united in quality and shares what Shell refer to as ‘Dynamic Protection Plus Technology’ – a combination of the Shell PurePlus Technology and Adaptive Additive Technology. These top-tier engine oils include transmission, gear and axle oils, diesel engine oils, coolants, hydraulic oils and greases. 

The Shell Spirax products for transmission, gears and axles can bring immense value to both trucks and tractors in agricultural applications, providing long-term protection of components and promoting longer life of heavy-duty equipment. 

The Rimula range of Shell diesel engine oils are demonstrated performers in agriculture. These oils offer extended fuel economy performance, extreme wear protection, and longer engine and oil life. The complementing HD Premium N Antifreeze Coolant 50/50 and Concentrate are premium products designed to operate in on and off road applications typical to farming. They are specially formulated to protect cylinder liners from pitting for up to one million kilometres. 

Shell’s hydraulic oils include the renowned Shell Tellus high performance fluids which use Group II based oils and are resistant to breaking down in heat or under mechanical stress. Additionally, the Hydraulic S1 M fluids provide cost effective, reliable protection in farming machinery. They have anti-wear, anti-foam and are oxidation resistant.

The reputable Shell Gadus range of multipurpose greases also give agricultural businesses peace of mind that their vehicles are protected with shock-load resistance and anti-wear properties to protect critical bearing components. 

To help farming businesses reduce maintenance costs, control emissions, prevent long oil-drain intervals and reduce waste oil, Motion Australia has partnered with Viva Energy Australia to advise on the best lubricant range for their equipment.    

How Shell Lubricants can add value to farm machinery

• ENHANCED EFFICIENCY: Heightened fuel costs are a big concern for the agricultural sector. Shell Lubricants can provide a reduction in fuel consumption with one fleet operator reporting a 2% reduction after switching to premium Shell Rimula engine oils and Shell Spirax gear and axle oils. 

• EXTENDED OIL LIFE: Maintenance downtime is a major issue for agricultural businesses. Shell Lubricants can keep equipment running efficiently for longer, minimising maintenance downtime.

Importantly, Shell Lubricants work with over 3,000 OEMs to ensure the products are matching equipment specifications and providing savings and efficiency gains. 

Readers interested to learn more about the Shell Lubricants offering and which products may suit their operation best, can contact their local Motion Australia branch. You can also match your vehicles to the right lubrication product online! Visit: shell.com.au/lubematch