There are many advantages to utilising the CRC SmartWasher®, but the most salient of these is safety,” says Steve Keown, Motion’s National Product Manager for Lubricants and Chemicals.

“It’s not an understatement to say that this component cleaning system has been revolutionary for industrial businesses – it delivers the standard of cleaning required with none of the occupational health and safety or environmental concerns associated with solvent and aqueous-based parts washers,” elaborates Steve. “It’s safer for workers and safer for the environment, bringing ease and convenience to operators.”

In terms of employee safety, the CRC SmartWasher eliminates contact with harmful solvents because it simply doesn’t include any. 

“If you translate this measure to the ‘hierarchy of controls’, where elimination is at the top of the pyramid as the most-effective control, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is at the bottom of the hierarchy as the least-effective control, then SmartWasher is a preferable safety solution,” adds Steve. “Many of our customers made the change to SmartWasher because other parts washer solvents are infamous for causing health issues – particularly bad skin reactions and respiratory conditions – and therefore require the full gamut of PPE. With SmartWasher all an individual needs to wear is a pair of gloves and safety glasses.”

According to CRC Trans-Tasman Sales Director, Martin Davies, the key method that differentiates SmartWasher from other componentry cleaners and makes it a safe solution to use, is its bioremediating microbes. These are patented under the name OzzyJuice®cleaning fluids.

“Bioremediation is the use of microbes to break down and ‘eat’ oil, grease, and carbon-based contaminants. These microbes are industry tested, naturally occurring, non-pathogenic and highly effective,” explains Martin. “OzzyJuice® degreasing solutions are non-hazardous, non-corrosive, pH-neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-caustic, aqueous-based, biodegradable degreasing solutions. Importantly for industrial businesses, they are high-performance, non-irritating and environmentally friendly.”

Comparatively, solvent-based cleaners can expose industrial workers to skin irritants and vapours, as well as create toxic liquid waste – all hazards that industrial businesses want to avoid says Steve. 

“Our customers are seeking sustainable solutions more and more and this is an environmentally friendly and safe solution that gives industrial businesses peace of mind that they are doing the right thing and not creating harmful waste,” he adds. “As a key distributor and leader in industrial solutions, this is a point we take sincerely at Motion.”

Likewise, Martin notes that the trend towards sustainability is a serious and ongoing one.

“Currently, industries have shifted with the move toward greater Corporate Social Responsibility. New standards and regulations from local and governing bodies have motivated companies to focus on their sustainability targets,” he says. “Hence, the safety advantages of CRC SmartWasher are essential for the industrial markets.”

The CRC SmartWasher has been recognised formally by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a ‘Safer Choice product’ – a certification that was only provided after all ingredients were analysed and deemed to have no harmful effect on humans. However, Martin says CRC will “not sit on its laurels”, but continue to improve its solution with significant R&D.

“As a company, CRC is committed to protecting the environment. That includes refining and improving the solutions we bring to market, as well as ensuring our own operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution and preserves natural resources,” he says. “It’s our moral responsibility to provide a sustainable ecosystem to the next generation. Hence, we use sustainable materials while ensuring compliance with prescribed quality and safety regulations. While maintaining a high degree of quality, one of our main objectives is to satisfy the most demanding environmental and safety standards.”

Additionally, Steve says there is no downside to the SmartWasher system when it comes to safety or effectiveness.

“It’s safer, minimises environmental impact, and in many instances works better than traditional cleaning formulas,” he concludes. “We’re proud to supply the SmartWasher solution across our network of Motion branches and are happy to organise a consultation with any interested customers as to this solution’s effectiveness.”