Ventilation in underground mines is a vital component to upholding high standards of occupational health and safety practice. Underground mine workers are often exposed to pollutants like gas, dusts, and fumes. Exposure to these contaminants can lead to short and long-term health consequences with pro-longed exposure.

Naturally occurring gases like methane, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and ammonia are commonly detected in underground mines. All of which pose a potential explosive and air quality risk to workers in this industry.

The process of ventilation requires mechanical ventilation fans to circulate fresh air into an area and push stale air out. Fanmaster Australia, a leading ventilation distributor, has been providing leading solutions in ventilation systems for the mining and processing sectors since 1946.

With decades of knowledge and experience, Fanmaster provide a wide variety of products, tailored to suit a variety of underground mining conditions.

Looking at ventilation systems, the Fanmaster team have specifically designed a ventilation system for the underground mining sector, called Mancoolers. Mancoolers are a barrel style industrial fan that have the capacity to cool, ventilate, extract dust and gas – providing workers with fresh air. Made with the highest level of safety standard and are equipped with IP55 rated motors, which means they can cope in harsh environmental conditions.

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1. Filtering Systems:

• Fume extractors – IPFC range use HEPA filters to capture close to 100% of particulate matter down to 3 microns in size.

• Perfect for industrial processes like welding and grinding

• Units are often portable – can be moved as close as possible to the source of the process for local area ventilation.

• Air scrubber purifier – two-stage that removes contaminates like viruses, bacteria, and spores. Also appropriate for removal of dust and odours.

2. Portable Ventilators:

• Air blasters, coolers, purging fans and exhaust blowers.

• Perfect for confined spaces of work.

• Ideal for rugged and harsh conditions.

• Used in industrial areas where high temperatures are constant.

3. Fixed Ventilation Systems:

• Axial flow fans – come in a range of different sizes, can be bolted onto existing ducting.

• Industrial wall exhaust fans that are economic and suitable for double brick wall cavities.

• Hooded roof fans – designed for warehouses and factories.

Features & Benefits – Mancooler:

• 4 different size ranges – 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm and 500mm

• Fitted with a standard IP55 rated motors.

• Ducting can be fitted for confined space usage.

• Available in single and 3-phase models.

• Currently used in a wide range of industries.

• Used to circulate air in a factory environment or be used to evacuate smoke, fumes or dust from a workplace.

Features & Benefits – Mini Mancooler:

• 2 sizes available – 300mm and 400mm

• The Fanmaster Mini Mancoolers are manufactured in our warehouse with quality parts and design.

• Units come equipped with IP55 rated motors.

• Option for ducting to be fitted for use in confined spaces.

• The Mini Mancoolers are best suited in factory environments – capable of extracting dust, fumes and smoke from these areas.

• Fans offer a flexible and compact form of air extraction and ventilation through effectively lowering the temperature, or by directing cool air over workers in hot working areas.

• Can be mounted on the wall.