Industrial manufacturing can seem like arduous and challenging work, and it does often present an ongoing need for complex problem-solving in day-to-day operations. That is why the team at PumpEng follow the ethos of ‘a good day at work’ – an overarching framework that governs their quality of product and services. Utilising decades of experience to develop specialised submersible pumps to the mining sector, they focus on delivering efficient, safe and reliable equipment that ultimately makes the jobs of their own staff and clients easier.

According to Matt Oliver, Commercialisation Manager, PumpEng was conceptualised in 2001 to continue improving the design of mass-produced submersible pumps, accounting for the harsh operating conditions underground. A venture between Paul Meneghel and Galvin Engineering, PumpEng’s success has been built on continuous consultation with the Australian mining industry. They now produce multiple patented series of pumps, designed in-house for a range of mining applications and environments.

“Our founder, Paul, originally started PumpEng in Kalgoorlie and has been working with pump technologies since the 1980s. From the start he was aiming to improve the design and aligned himself with the mining industry to continually research and develop product, purpose-built specifically for that sector. That dedication has brought us a long way, and we are now a major partner for the industry in our own right.”

Working closely with the industry and their clients is important to PumpEng, as they seek to provide the Right Pump for the Job. The team aims to reduce maintenance costs by producing durable, high-quality pumps, and ensuring the safest working conditions for operators. They also offer branch network sales, equipment hire and comprehensive aftercare for pump servicing across the country. 

“Our core focus is creating a good day at work for our employees and clients,” explains Matt. “Our engineering team has created innovative products that challenge the status quo, and The PumpEng Way supports our customers to use them correctly. Working as a team, we’re united to make sure everyone feels supported, which sets us apart as a business.”

Aiming to reduce the chance of pump failure is crucial to implementing this ethos, Matt says. The bottom line at PumpEng will always be increasing project productivity and reducing the risk of harm. The team closely inspects performance and repair data from each client to assess strengths and aspects that can be evolved for future improvement.

“Acting with integrity is one of our core values. Making sure we are open and honest about things like repairs and improvements, and working alongside the customer, is what will get us the best result. We produce quarterly reports for our key customers and identify what the recommendations are to reduce the need for repairs. A lot of them appreciate that we offer so much information and data on how we can make their lives easier.”

PumpEng strongly believes in the beneficial characteristics and dynamism of Australian made and distributed product. Allowing for tailored allocation and close partnerships, our local industrial landscape has been an exciting setting for submersible technology to adapt.

“Pumps and other products designed here in Australia are specific to the market,” reflects Matt. “Each local area has unique opportunities that innovative thinkers are able to work around, so you end up with premium product suited to various environments and applications.”

Motion Australia proudly services industrial manufacturers across the country, ensuring that each region is met with adequate supply and customer support. This also means staying on top of local development, resources and servicing within specific areas, especially where there is projected growth.

“Wherever possible we source products from Australian suppliers such as Motion Australia. A key benefit of doing this is reliable stock quantity; we can control our spikes and troughs because they are always available. We also rely on Motion Australia to provide us with high quality NSK bearings.”

“We are based in Perth, but we have four branches across the country, so Motion Australia’s national footprint means we can maintain a relationship with them at all of our branches. Having a supplier that knows our product and what is required during the design process is extremely helpful.”

Brayden Paciente, from BSC O’Connor, says that offering valuable input and investing time into customers such as PumpEng is what sets Motion Australia apart. “We always ensure that we have stock specific to their operations, by also maintaining a close relationship with NSK Bearings and liaising between them effectively. Going that extra mile to obtain certain components, specifically for their business, shows that we are dedicated to ensuring their long-term success.”

PumpEng specialises in tough all-metal submersible dewatering pumps. Their JetGuard and Guardian ranges are engineered for compatibility within the  mining sector, but can also be applied to general dewatering projects. Additionally, their innovative ScatPump series is designed to handle solid material, such as slurry, in most overflow sumps in process plants, offering a more user-friendly alternative to vertical cantilever pumps, and delivering greater ore recovery.

A key aspect to their quality standards is prioritising metal components over rubber and polyurethane, to ensure longer-lasting results. PumpEng builds equipment for the harshest environments, accounting for particle gravel, small shot crete poly fibres, and urethanes that can potentially damage flimsier apparatus. Using plex stainless steel and white iron, these pumps have a higher wear resistant, allowing them to operate at full capacity for longer. 

“We combine our engineering experience with knowledge gained through long-term associations with the mining industry. Our commitment to smart research and development means we can play our part in supporting a sustainable mining future,” says Matt.

As members of Pump Industry Australia, PumpEng continually operates to leading standards of safety, quality, and efficient output. Their growing team of highly skilled and experienced staff works hard to service and elevate the mining industry, prioritising a more sustainable future through their projects and design.

Their compact range of tough submersible pumps is backed by years of development and environment testing, fulfilling a need for accessible, streamlined performance.