As sustainable manufacturing continues to take priority for businesses striving to meet their net zero goals, industrial solutions suppliers like CRC Industries – an internationally recognised supplier of aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion, and maintenance products – have experienced an uptick in the demand for greener products. 

In response to this demand, CRC Industries have made strides pioneering the development of their first-to-market environmentally sound industrial cleaning solution: the CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System. 

Using CRC’s patented organic degreasing formula OzzyJuice® and the OzzyMat® Filter, the CRC SmartWasher® breaks down oil, grease, and contaminants on parts and components, resulting in a cleaning solution that eliminates any necessity for hazardous waste disposal.

Working in tandem with Motion Australia, CRC has been working to encourage plant operators and manufacturers to adopt CRC SmartWasher® technology and minimise their environmental impact. 

Furthermore, the company has been able to amplify the supply of CRC SmartWasher® through Motion Australia’s vast distribution network across Australia, according to CBC Sales Representative Grahame Bartley. 

“We are the exclusive distributor of the CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating part washer system in Australia and we have close distribution partnerships with suppliers, customers and OEMs who are working on sustainable initiatives in the manufacturing segment,” says Grahame.

“The great thing about CRC SmartWasher® technology is that it sells itself by being the first of its kind and we usually find that if we can get out to a site and do a demonstration of the technology for the workers, plant operators immediately recognise that the benefits of implementing the CRC SmartWasher® outweigh the costs.” 

“The CRC SmartWasher uses OzzyJuice® water-based degreaser to remove grease and oil from parts.  As the contaminants, grease and oil wash off the parts they pass through the OzzyMat® Filter Mat, releasing fresh microbes into the solution decomposing the waste into harmless biproducts so the fluid can be used over and over again with great efficacy” explains Grahame. 

“There really is no downside to the CRC SmartWasher® system. It’s safer for the health of workers, minimises environmental impact, and in many instances works better than traditional cleaning formulas.” 

Recently, Grahame’s CBC branch in Sydney implemented a successful trail of the CRC SmartWasher® trial at a local packaging and paper manufacturer. The customer was a major global supplier and sustainability is an integral piece of their business ethos, according to Grahame. 

“The company manufactures paper and packaging products using recycled and reclaimed resources, and they were looking to eliminate any risk of contaminating water sources with their maintenance practices.”

Grahame went out to their site and had a conversation with their Reliability Engineer about introducing the CRC SmartWasher® to their plant and brought the system in for a trial.

“After two weeks, they were sold,” says Grahame. “With their business model being centred around sustainability, the CRC SmartWasher® was pretty much a no-brainer for them.”   

CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System

Features and Benefits:
• Advanced, water-based degreasers with high-performance cleaning

• Solvent free, non-toxic, non‑flammable, allergen-free

• Reduced cost of ownership and contract-freeReduced hazardous waste disposal, volume and cost

• Safer workplace due to the removal of solvent

• Mobility of the units allows them to be located close to the machinery

• Very handy for cleaning large or cumbersome items that are difficult to move or need to be cleaned in situ

• AsureQuality approved for food and beverage transport and related contact surfaces /SW-4 & SW 8 & SW-X1

• NSF approved A1 All fluids.