The freight rail transportation network in Western Australia remains one of the state’s most lucrative contributors to economic growth, serving as a link between the local industrial operations, regional communities, and the interstate and export markets. This makes the design and manufacture of rail equipment and technology particularly impactful for this part of the world, which is widely recognised for its extreme temperatures, remoteness, and challenging operating conditions. 

Based out of Perth, Sheree Munnik, Key Account Executive for OEM Contracts at Motion Australia, calls the rich red earth of outback Western Australia home. She frequently works with local freight equipment manufacturers in the area to provide solutions that are tailored to the needs of their industry while addressing the unique challenges of the region’s operating conditions. When it comes to manufacturing equipment and machinery in Western Australia, Sheree says that planning and preparation are key. This means efficient planning ahead for maintenance and repairs, inventory and ensuring preventative maintenance is performed on equipment, wherever possible, she says. 

“It’s important to do regular stock take on maintenance items and plan for orders and lead times, because if your equipment is underserviced, or you are unprepared stock-wise, you will land yourself in trouble,” she furthers. “You aren’t going to get far in the outback without the foresight to plan ahead, and you’re certainly not going to be successful in transporting goods across thousands of kilometres of country if your supply chain planning isn’t airtight.” 

One sure fire way that Sheree says equipment manufacturers can plan effectively for operation is by procuring orders of critical maintenance supplies in bulk. More specifically, purchasing oils, lubricants and degreasing products is an efficient way to save money, consolidate on orders, and maximise efficiency on operations, according to Sheree. 

“Through my broader network in Western Australia, I frequently liaise with our strategic suppliers and partners in the area to determine the most efficient method of procuring bulk maintenance supplies for local manufacturers. Through our designated supply channels, I am able to negotiate priority supply for many of my key accounts,” says Sheree. 

This was the case for a local freight OEM who approached Sheree looking for a high-performance degreaser solution that was premium brand and available in bulk format. Degreaser is primarily used for cleaning dirty parts and components that have been stripped out for servicing and maintenance. It is also used to keep equipment and machinery clean and free of build-up of contaminants that cause premature failure of equipment. This makes it an ideal multipurpose maintenance product for equipment manufacturers who want to ensure optimal performance of their machined parts. 

After consulting with Ian Maguire, the Business Development Manager at CRC Western Australia, Sheree recommended the CRC Bulk Bio Degreaser to the customer, a high-performance cleaning formula that comes in a convenient and efficient 20-litre container. The customer trialled the product on site and was very happy. They went on to secure an ongoing order contract with Motion Australia for regular supply of the product. 

CRC’s Eco Range of products have become key to their core business ethos and, according to Ian, the Bulk Bio Degreaser has played a pivotal role in the launch of the eco-friendly products. “The introduction of our Eco Range of products has been indicative of us evolving from simply manufacturing chemicals into a company that acknowledges the current climate and responds to the needs of customers,” says Ian. 

When developing the Bio Degreaser formula, Ian notes that the main objective for CRC’s scientists, was to arrive at a truly PH neutral water-based degreaser product that still contained powerful cleaning action. 

“The issue with competitive water-based degreasers on the market are that most are caustic which raises the PH levels and means these products are corrosive when undiluted,” he explains. “Conversely, even in its undiluted state, the Bio Degreaser will not cause skin our eye irritation, unlike caustic versions which can burn the eyes and cause skin irritation due to the high alkalinity, PH levels.”

“Whereas conventional degreasers are solvent based and contain some harmful components if used incorrectly, our Bio Degreaser is water-based, PH neutral, completely non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely safe for use on all materials,” he furthers, adding that it is also considered ‘quick break’ formula, which means it is easy to separate the oil and grease contaminants from the degreaser for correct disposal of the contaminants.

Ian notes that in addition to the benefits of the product formula, another key advantage to procuring stock of the Bulk Bio Degreaser in the 20 litre containers is that it consolidates orders and can be used to refill dispensers on site, reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills. “It’s a product that garners interest from a lot of OEM customers because it addresses their need for premium cleaning and maintenance solutions, while also providing efficiency of supply chain and lowering an operation’s environmental footprint.” 

As a premium supplier to Motion Australia, CRC Industries has played an active role in determining suitable products from their range for site-specific applications, alongside Motion Australia’s team for years. 

“I have done a number of site visits and training sessions with the team at Motion Australia and have found that they are essential in getting us in front of their customers and enabling us to get the message to the appropriate stake holders,” concludes Ian. “Motion Australia is a trusted and respected industrial supplier who maintains solid relationships with their customers, and likewise, CRC is a tried and trusted brand that has been in Australia for more than 50 years. So, in my opinion, the collaboration between Motion Australia and CRC provides exceptional value to customers.”