More than ever, the triumphs of Australian businesses and local manufacturing are coming into the public eye. The nation’s collective mobilisation to meet demands created by the pandemic is only amplified by the skilled and passionate people working at the ground level across engineering, manufacturing, and servicing. 

From Kalgoorlie to Wollongong and almost every small town in between, communities are being built on this legacy of collaboration. Generations of experts are working alongside each other, evolving their approach as new and unexpected obstacles arise. Contemporary technologies are becoming increasingly integrated throughout the industrial fields, and Australia is pioneering many of these developments on home soil. Products such as Avcatech’s perishable freight solutions are being employed internationally in response to supply chain delays, while the team at Robmac Harvesters is working to minimise organic waste in local macadamia harvesting. 

“Our country has a rich and diverse history of innovation, and the purpose of these awards is to showcase standout Australian businesses contributing to this reputation,” says Grant Gray, General Manager of National Sales at Motion Australia. “In recent times, our customers have faced ongoing challenges, but our role is to work alongside them to drive collaborative opportunities for continued growth.”

As Australia’s most established distributor of industrial products, and a primary supply partner to several vital industrial sectors, Motion Australia is proud to showcase the resilience and ingenuity being illustrated across the board.

“One thing I have learnt over the last two and a half years is the significant importance of investing in local manufacturing,” reflects Grant. “In a time where so much of what we do is evolving and shifting, smaller businesses require a strong foundation from which to grow. Being connected to the rest of the world through Motion Australia’s expansive supply framework provides an added element of security for when things don’t go to plan.”

The vision behind these awards is one of cohesiveness. Whether it is food production, working towards a more sustainable future in mining, or delivering complex engineering work, it is Motion Australia’s aim to bolster resilience and determination wherever possible. The company does this by offering widespread expertise and resources where it counts, utilising a team of experts to form hands-on relationships with customers over the course of many years.

“During the pandemic, Motion Australia has established themselves as a multi-faceted offering that can provide assurance to Australian businesses. Relying on their broad spectrum of technical competency and critical relationships with the best industrial brands across the globe, they continue tackling everyday concerns with a clear action-based approach. As a result, more customers are seeking access to Motion Australia’s vast network of reliable services,” says Grant.

“It is a privilege to be investing in home-grown success stories. We are proud to champion the winners by showcasing the strengths of their business to the industrial market. It is an opportunity for us to invest in the future of our industry through our global supply network, which allows us to partner with our customers and achieve the best possible outcomes for their business.”

Looking ahead, Motion Australia is building up groundwork for a more sustainable future. Each business has an important role in governing this shift, and a key priority is assisting them to reach targets as efficiently as possible. Grant explains that to achieve this, Motion Australia’s vision must integrate a ‘do better’ ethos that never settles for ‘just good enough.’

“When it comes to sustainability, it is not like we have a defined point of saying, well, we have achieved that. It is an everyday, ongoing evolution towards reducing carbon emissions and waste. Every time we can increase efficiency or the lifespan of a product, or minimise the amount of power being used, we are making an impact. We are not a surface level organisation by any means – we aim to understand the complexities of each business, and celebrate where incredible work has gone into enriching Australia’s industrial profile.”