Aggressive operating environments can take a rapid toll on the wear life of industrial machinery, as metal or ceramic components often fall victim to abrasion, corrosion, and chemical damage unless pre-treated. Devcon®’s catalogue of technically advanced epoxy systems covers all bases, offering repair, protection and rebuild assistance, extending service life and mitigating replacement costs. 

Wear resistant repair putties

The Devcon® Wear Resistant Putty is a self-lubricating, non-shrinking compound, used to rebuild, repair and protect shafts, valves, and machine beds. It is most applicable to surfaces prone to sliding or fluid wear and can help to prolong the service life of these critical parts. This fine, ceramic-filled epoxy cures to a smooth, low-friction finish.

Additionally, the Carbide Putty from this range boasts impressive chemical and temperature resistance up to 120°C. This compound is extremely durable, containing silicon carbide granules up to 2mm in diameter. It’s able to withstand heavy impact and abrasion from slurry and is most suitable for pipes, elbows, coal pulverisers, slurry pumps, and exhauster fans.

Devcon® Ceramic Repair Putty offers a non-sag compound with high chemical and corrosion resistance, and temperature tolerance up to 175°C. It is most suitable to repair and protect processing equipment applications, such as in power plants, pulp and paper mills, and water treatment plants.

Wear & Abrasion protection

Devcon®’s Brushable Ceramic is a low viscosity alumina filled, brushable wear resistant product. For use on pump casings and flange faces, heat exchanger tube sheets, impeller blades, valves, water boxes, fan blades, chutes and hoppers, it is available in two colours to allow for visual wear monitoring. Being a brushable epoxy, it offers a smooth protective barrier to seal and protect equipment exposed to erosion and corrosion.

Similarly, the Sprayable Ceramic offers a ceramic reenforced composite providing a sprayable heavy duty wear protection; best suited to larger surface applications such as pump pads, paper machines, stacks, steel frames and tanks. This product can be sprayed like a high-solid paint, at a thickness between 400 and 600μm in a single pass. 

Wear Guard™ compounds

The Devcon® Wear Guard wear-resistant epoxies are available in two varieties – fine load, or high impact. The fine load compound contains high-alumina ceramic beads, and can be trowelled to form a smooth surface on vertical or overhead surfaces up to 150°C. Conversely, the high impact solution contains urethane acrylate for higher impact resistance. This non-sag putty protects against tremendous impact and flex, for successful protection of pumps, scrubbers, screens, chutes, and screw conveyors.

How to get the most out of epoxy products

In essence, an epoxy compound is made up of two materials that, when combined, create a chemical reaction to cure and harden. The mixture is made up of a resin and a hardening agent that are available in variations to offer differing cure times, heat tolerance, and other specific characteristics. When choosing the right epoxy product, there are several things to keep in mind.

• Epoxies will cure more quickly when temperature is above 24°C

• Most epoxies will struggle to cure effectively at temperatures below 15°C

• In colder temperatures, curing can be promoted using heat, however, epoxies should never be exposed to direct flame – Instead, use of a heat lamp placed around 0.5m away from the application can be used.

• Ensure that the area is free from oil, dirt, and moisture before using the epoxy product. It is important to follow surface preparation recommendations as outlined in the data sheets provided.   

Enquire about the full Devcon® range 

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• Adhesive products for fast curing and high-strength applications on most substrates

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