When it comes to conveyor manufacturing, the first thing that comes to mind is how to set things in motion. Everything that needs to move along a production line, requires a positive drive.

When a secure connection is required between two rotating mating parts transmitting torque a keyway is often machined into both shafts and a parallel or straight key is used to secure the connection.

Rexnord backed by more than 40 years of application expertise has within its extensive portfolio a range of reliable, quality locking devices as an alternative to the traditional keyed method. Their products feature a wide range of offerings, from simple locking mechanism designs to more advanced models with a choice of corrosion resistant coatings for harsher environments.

The Rexnord Tollok® locking mechanisms offer an innovative machine solution for mounting and dismantling rotating shafts for not only industrial conveyor applications but anywhere where the transmission of torque is required.

The main point of difference, according to Corey Hind, Area Manager for Rexnord, Queensland, is that all Tollok® locking mechanisms are keyless assemblies that can be used to secure equipment to shafts without requiring a keyway.

“Rexnord Tollok® locking assemblies are a great alternative to a shaft or hub connection using traditional methods such as key and key way, spline, QD bushing, or taper-lock bushings,” says Corey, who further highlights the advantages to a keyless locking assembly from the perspective of conveyor pulley and other machinery manufacturers.

“If you need to mount a sprocket and chain drive or a pulley and v-belt assembly onto a shaft, typically you would use a traditional keyed assembly. The benefit of keyless assemblies is you can save time on installation. In the event of a breakdown, the customer can change these components out without having to worry about a seized or damaged keyway. This means there is less machining required and less cost involved for mounting the locking mechanism.”

In Conveyor Belt Pulley applications, this also means less cost and time in the manufacture of, or when attempting to remove or mount the pulley shaft through a conveyor drum.

“The locking assembly fits around the shaft between the pulley end disc and shaft, securing it. For pulley manufacturers, it is a way for them to be able to mount the shaft to the drum more easily. It offers the end user a stronger way of transmitting torque through the pulley,” says Corey.

“Our latest series model, the TLK 136, is developed specifically for this application. The customer can transmit more torque through their application. The unique construction of this locking assembly means that it is able to transmit greater torque and has a higher bending moment capacity in conveyor pulley applications,” he explains.

“A bending moment at any cross section of a straight shaft is a culmination of the moments, taken about an axis passing through the centre of the shaft. As with the TLK 136 series, when load is uniformly distributed, the shear force placed on the shaft will vary at a uniform rate resulting in uniformly distributed loads,” Corey elaborates.

From wind energy, cement, aggregate, construction, food and beverage, forest products, material handling, mining, to fluid power, marine, and water management, Rexnord Tollok® products help companies reduce downtime.

CBC is an authorised distributor for Rexnord products including Tollok® locking mechanisms. With their national footprint, they have enabled Rexnord Tollok® products to reach more customers Australia-wide.

According to Steve Hittmann, National Product Manager – Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives for CBC, the Tollok® locking mechanisms are popular among CBC customers.

“We suggest a Tollok® locking assembly in most conveyor applications because they are a practical strategy for increasing uptime. Rexnord also has a robust support network for commercial and technical support, so they are a reliable and safe option,” says Steve.

“A full line of locking assemblies can be tailored to fit the everchanging needs of customer applications. Manufactured from high-grade quality materials, this renders them ideal for use in heavy-duty and specially engineered environments.”


Rexnord TLK136

  • High torque, high bending moments
  • Excellent shaft-hub perpendicularity
  • Low surface pressures
  • Quick installation time
  • Available from 100mm to 600mm diameter
  • Capable of handling large loads
  • Increased capability to support bending moments for conveying applications.