Innovation is key to Titan Lifting Technologies achieving their mission – to allow Australian industrial businesses to lift objects safely. The Australian company has been designing and developing precision hoisting and lifting equipment for over 45 years and takes pride in the quality and reliability of their technology.  

“Industrial customers trust our brand because we provide reliable service and we put safety first,” says General Manager, John Di Michele. “Our testing process is among the most rigorous in the industry to ensure our products comply with all the relevant Australian and European Standards. Titan Lifting Technologies is also a full accredited member of the industry body: Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).” 

While Titan Lifting Technologies provide a wide range of products to industrial businesses – from lashing and loading equipment, shackles, rachet straps, slings, hooks and wire cables – they specialise in chain and lever hoists as well as motorised trolleys. Their point of difference is that their ever-evolving technology provides extended wear time and robust capacity compared with competing products.  

Their state-of-the-art NXTGEN™ range of advanced chain and lever hoists are a prime example of innovation that delivers on their purpose to provide safer industrial outcomes. A key feature is the overload protection setting, designed to improve onsite safety.

“With a far superior fused brake system over other similar hoists, the NXTGEN™ Overload Protection does not allow the chain or lever hoist to operate if overloaded,” explains John. “This locking system is an extremely important safety feature that makes the NXTGEN™ range stand out.”

Like the namesake, NXTGEN™ anticipates future requirements. The chain blocks feature a high-performance gear system that minimises manual pull when lifting loads, and a smart, double pawl braking system that activates instantly to keep the load secure. They also have impact resistant brake and gear covers to protect against dust and water ingress and provide better durability.

“Operating the hoists requires less effort when lifting heavy loads,” elaborates John. “Considerable thought has been put into each component of these hoists to tick every box. A large number of the parts and components are coated with a Dacromet finish to ensure high level of corrosion resistance and durability in harsh environments.”

Other innovations from Titan Lifting Technologies include their premium quality stainless steel “marine grade” rigging products. Graded as AISI 316, these are not only suitable for marine environments – such as commercial fishing boats or on the docks – but because of their stainless steel and anti-corrosive properties are appropriate to food and beverage applications. 

“A lot of companies use galvanised rigging products that degrade and corrode over time, but our stainless-steel products will resist these effects over the long term, reducing the need for repair or replacement, and ensuring clean hygiene for food related areas,” says John. “Our stainless-steel products are ideal for highly corrosive environments where there could be a considerable amount of moisture.” 

Importantly, Titan Lifting Technologies works with Motion Australia as a strategic partner and supplier to provide ongoing support, training and consultation. All the products are backed with warranty guarantees and are tested at the Australian factory to ensure their quality and reliability. The company also works closely with Motion Australia to ensure products match each customer’s application correctly. For example, NXTGEN™ hoist range boasts flexible design with optional lifting heights available on request.   

Re-inventing business for dynamic industry needs

Titan Lifting is focused on continual growth by adapting to the ever-changing needs of industry. By doubling warehouse storage capacity, and making changes to order processing, they have been able to meet diverse customer requirements, no matter how small or large.

Significantly increased stock levels are helping to combat supply chain issues affecting the Australian market, and allow for high availability along with quick turnaround of orders. Safety is also a key priority for the company, which adheres to strict Quality Assurance Processes while remaining price competitive.