When Adrian and Paul Phillips, two brothers from Melbourne, started Techware in 2003, they knew one thing for certain: safety never goes out of style. Coming from an industrial background, the Phillips brothers decided to go into the personal protective equipment (PPE) business, and they have never looked back since.

Techware’s leading brand is Maxisafe, which is how they are recognised across Australia, specialising in the design and manufacture of hand, eye, respiratory, head and hearing protection. Their premium height safety products include confined-space harnesses, shock-absorbing lanyards, steel-alloy locking karabiners, and light-weight suspension straps.

Since day one, they have seen exponential growth of their business, as the demand for high-grade reliable PPE has increased over the past two decades.

As demand has risen, the Maxisafe brand has expanded in its range. Their broad portfolio of products has given them an edge over their competitors in the market. Presently, Maxisafe has warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Whilst their factories are located everywhere from Germany to the United States, to South Africa, Taiwan and India. BSC is one of Maxisafe’s Australian distribution partners.

Michael Rowe, a Product Manager at BSC, brings with him extensive knowledge and history in the field of mechanical maintenance. According to Michael, industrial safety has been a thriving area of BSC distribution over the past few years.

“Safety is a necessity in every workplace. It’s something every manager has to account for. Safety products must be carefully chosen to ensure all staff make it home injury free. When your safety equipment meets industry standards, it provides a level of confidence when choosing safety products,”

“One challenge in this area is to create brand loyalty. Maxisafe’s product range and branding has helped them have a point of difference in the market,” says Michael.

Jerry Joyce is the NSW State Manager at Maxisafe and responsible for the Sydney arm of the business.

“We provide full-service assistance for our product range.” says Jerry.

“We also provide cases and glove bags for  BSC’s branches across Australia and their sales teams. They can use these items to highlight product quality. In addition to this, we organise staff training for the BSC team. For example, we can set up training for respiratory equipment applications and end-user instructions,” explains Jerry.

“Gloves are used constantly on site because it’s a general safety standard now. If you go out to any mine site or into a factory, the requirement is that you wear gloves on site. Maxisafe’s gloves are ordered frequently, with eyewear and breathing equipment a close second,” says Michael Rowe. “They make reliable, quality products at a good price point, which provides excellent value for our customers.”

Maxisafe’s signature ‘Grey Knight’ gloves are fabricated with lightweight, breathable nylon and PU coating. Vending packaging was recently introduced to make obtaining a fresh pair of gloves on site as easy and accessible as grabbing a bottle of water.

A Powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR), provides a continuous flow of air for the user, making it easier to breathe and cooler while working. The CleanAir® PAPR Respiratory System is another new product offering from Maxisafe. The PAPR series includes advancements in inner airflow technology and enhanced optics on the visor, for half-face or full-face coverage on site.

“We champion innovation at Maxisafe and that is what sets us apart. I think we are strong on every front in terms of quality. We offer premium quality safety wear, with additional design features,” says Jerry.

Product and selection guides, standards, and instructions are available for download to customers on the Maxisafe website.

PAPR Respiratory System Key Features

  • The highest class of breathing protection TH3
  • Enhanced inner airflow regulation
  • Light weight – only 380g
  • Excellent optical quality EN 166 class 1
  • High mechanical resistance of the visor
  • Antifog / anti-scratch coating
  • Safety helmet